Thursday 28 April 2016


Thanks Black Sheep Wools for the Q. and A. on your blog

Hope to see everyone on Saturday 30th April 2016
10.30 -2.30
Book signing and some crochet tips

click link for Sue Pinner Q. and A. with 

Cya all Saturday

Sunday 24 April 2016

FANS POST: Sue Pinner Patterns

made my Stylecraft 9090 pattern up.....
Love the colours everyone picks

Sharon has made a bolster from book 1

has been making one or two things from the new book
Granny Squares and Shapes

has made my Stylecraft Pattern Tartan Throw and Cushion 
and she tells me it is going all the way to America too
Hope they love it 

Lots are starting to pop up and some have been creating their own colour combos too

pastel version 

Friday 22 April 2016


I've noticed one or two of these popping up in the last few months 

I made mine back when i started to crochet this last time around in 2009

this was the prototype 

Thursday 21 April 2016


If you've been following me from the early days of my crochet blog then you might remember this lovely felted bag i made...

It was my first crochet/felted bag

Sorry to say its just been CREMATED....

I think I found the cause of my 
didn't want to take any chances so it was all burnt together with several balls of yarn too

very sad

I Loved this little bag 

Wednesday 20 April 2016

CROCHET CUSHION: Quick and easy Striped Diagonal Cushion Pattern

The Diagonal length of an 18" cushion
for me that was 60 ch sts..

with 2strands of Stylecraft DK you cn use the Aran or the chunky and adjust your stitches and a 5/6mm hook 
But you only need to do 21 rows fold the sides in and it makes a square
hey presto a 

looks like this until you do the folded sides

An oldie but a goodie

This was one of my patterns from years ago but still makes a quick and easy cushion cover

Friday 15 April 2016

Alpaca Flower Gems

Got a little distracted last night from the Gemstone Diamonds, just can't stay away from the flowers

but back to the Gemstone Diamonds today...

Thursday 14 April 2016

Alpaca Gem Stone Diamond

I love Alpaca many fab yarn to choose from, I know.... 

A new motif....Diamond Gem in a favourite yarn
Alpaca Tweed

this is blended with acrylics so the best of both worlds...

It's a wrap folks....

I've really enjoyed using the 15 minute rule and making the Alpaca Temperature blanket so this new 
Gem Stone Diamond 
is based on using similar colours 

The new wrap will have several colours of the Alpaca as the Gem stone centres 

Other Alpaca projects....ONE DAY....I will get back to them...I will, I will!

Monday 11 April 2016


Been a bit absent last few days...trying to cram as much into life as possible.

Bit of a catch up....

Making new Mock Waffle scarf to go with my coral coloured Bead n Bezel necklace for 
Yarn day on the 30th April 
Black Sheep Wools Warrington

new flower.... made in bed before getting up this morning
 one of my button centres and extended stitches
 two different yarns one with more body than the other so the petals stand out better
my favourite shade of Lavender Blue

all my hooks ready to go...spent hours looking for my hooks while crocheting so now i drop them and they can easily be found again around my neck
and a little bit of free form....its the beginning of a hat I found in a sample bags over the weekend sort out

Thursday 7 April 2016


Just over 3 months done now in two, 2 month flower triangle to be joined together at the end of the year into a hexagon throw.

Take me just 5 minutes to do a flower so it's easy to keep up with it

I'm using 
one of my favourite yarns to make all the flowers.


And I'm using this site to keep up to date with the temperature here in Shrewsbury

Wednesday 6 April 2016

FELTING: Some left over felting yarn...

Made some Edinburgh Flowers while in Edinburgh....and i've a few buttons in the washer as i speak

No idea what will come out yet

the flowers felted well...

 The cream yarn I thought was felting yarn wasn' just went fluffy but i love them as much as the felted ones

Not done much felting for a while rings and pebbles for a fe years ago