Thursday 27 June 2013


Moved my laptop to a proper desk so it was always ready to use...but the chair I was using was giving me awful back ache....we have an old padded desk chair in the garage so Phil dug it out..
(another project to make a cover for the seat and back)
dusted it off and temporarily put a cover on it...came to switch on the laptop to do a post or two and guess what?????
mmmmmm! that's my seat.....
didn't make any difference they just shut their eyes and went back to I am sitting on the old chair with back ache again!!!
Spoilt or what? lol

Sunday 16 June 2013

Long time no speak!!!

Sorry for not posting as often as usual, it's been a busy and full few weeks.
I've been ill, Phil was admitted to hospital for 48hrs,  then got made redundant this week, a trade show, a library workshop,
and the new Granny Square Pattern club launch....
Lots of people have requested info and not got back to me....if you think I haven't got back with info and are still wanting to join the fun please check your Junk mail or mail me again.....
some info mail is going astray.
But i have answered everyone.
I am ok now, bad back but it will mend, Phil is out of hospital and OK too and life is great.
I even found a diamond stud earring I lost a few weeks back suddenly appeared on the hall carpet..just like that!
The new venture is going really well and everyone seems to be having fun.
One of the project/patterns I finished this week...
Not sure what to call it...a shawl/collar? wrap? stole?
Anyways it started as a blanket but ended up around my neck with the black and white shawl pin I bought at a show a few months back....
a tad bright and not for the shy or retiring lol
But will brighten up a cold winter day for a few, even if it's with a giggle or two
very cosy and warm and sits perfectly around my shoulders with a lace edging...not shown in this picture lol
You'll have to join the Granny Square Pattern Club to see that.
hope you all have a sunny Sunday
Happy Hooking x

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Fabulous pictures

A fabulous photographer and fellow crochet lover, a friend from far away
Sent me some of her beautiful pictures take a peek

Stunning crochet, flower photographs from Sandra....a lovely on line day I hope to meet her but for now we often spend an 'on line day together'.....hugs x

Hope you take a peek at her beautiful pictures and leave her a comment or two

To all the new GRANNY SQUARES club members
Thanks for your friendship and thanks for your support
And I am so pleased you are all enjoying the club.
I promise that thing will get back to normal again and I will be blogging again regularly.

Happy hooking to all x