Tuesday 21 August 2012


So over whelmed by the number of unfinished projects and bags of small sample crochet.
What to do?
I had thought it a good idea to join all the bits and pieces together and make one giant bedspread 
(I still think it a good idea, but...) 
as I started to gather this and that together, then stood and looked at if for half an hour, over whelmed or what?

It was hanging on the curtain rail....
on the end of the sofa...
in bags...

and more bags...
on top of full bags....
under the cat...
and hanging on the maid...
so many half finished projects...

In fact so much half finished or bags of small sample stuff, I am totally stumped, how to sort out years of woolly thoughts?

Some I like, but aren't up to scratch.....keep? unpicking? remake?

Do I spend a WEEK undoing some of what I have made over the last few years and start again with new ideas?

So I have made a simple rule....
Badly made, doesn't work, or I don't like any more...unpick

Works and I still like...keep and finish

So instead of creating what I thought would be a great bed spread I am going to unpick and replenish my stash, then I can reassess what is left.

Good Job I love to winding wool! lol

Have a fun filled day everyone
hugs to all x

Friday 17 August 2012


I found a cone 2 or 3 shades lighter and orangey, hardly noticeable in this picture, to do a second round, you can see the difference in day light but is acceptable
I am definitely going to make a giant bed spread in a mixture of crochet motifs...
circles, flowers and anything else that fits in,
like a small piece of 100% merino 3 mixed strand waves I did a couple of years back
the circles are mostly Colinette ribbon yarns, slubs and random dyes


Thursday 16 August 2012

Run out of the red so another colour needs to be found to progress...

Right now though Brupbrup has made a bed of it and made a tangled mess of my wool too...
 Splodge just joined him but Brupbrup was not in the mood to share his newly made bed and duffed him up, poor baby, loves his brother to bits but I am afraid he is the young brother and follows Brupbrup every where and Brupbrup does his best to loose him lol
spoilt boys they are.

7 motif's only...a surprise colour for the next round tomorrow, wonder what I will choose?

Have a good day x

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Thanks for the question help....

All the questions were helpful and I have tried to incorporate a gist of the selection in the chapter, the publisher wanted more drawings and 'bits', more than lots of text but I will be pulling a name of the hat and announce a winner soon..Thanks to everyone who took the time to help out

Part two on the mandala cushion back is HERE too, along with LINKS to the complete pattern.
Been playing with another design too....wanted to incorporate some random dyed
Colinette Yarns that I have had for a while. 

Cant remember which one it is but it is quite a chunky yarn, needs a 5mm hook and is random dyed
these are the first few and there is some variation as I have experimented a bit with the pattern before deciding on the one I will use.
Nothing complicated, hoping the yarn will be enough.

Hugs to all xx

Sunday 12 August 2012


You might or might not know I was asked to write a crochet book for beginners to intermediary in January this year. To be available early next year, really exciting but very daunting too.

 It was all delivered to the publisher as set out in the contract for the end of July.

Late Friday I had a phone call from the lovely Editor dealing with my book, all good so far, but could I EXPAND a chapter.

I had thrown in a bit of me, something not asked for, something to make it 'mine' hoping it would be liked. I was trying to give the reader a little something that I don't think is in any other crochet book.

 She thought it a great idea, really liked what I had done and wanted more
I am asking for your help please....

If you have a minute I would much appreciate your help.

Yesterday I had lots of ideas, too many to put in one chapter as it is such a
big subject, (I could write a whole book about it) so this morning I thought it a good idea to ask what it is you really what to know about C,D & I?
What would help you and if you have any questions that you would like answered?

There will be a couple of give away's for the best questions
so ask away. Thanks

Hugs to all xx

It's pouring here today :-((

Friday 10 August 2012

What to do with a ball of sting????

4 balls for £1....made this with the first ball and the last round was the beginning of the second...
Do I have a thing for circles do you think?
In the garden in the gazebo and in the woolly stuff too.
teeny, weeny, better picture of the Chandelier in the dark
Hugs to all x

Wednesday 8 August 2012

One low cost chandelier for the gazebo...

Few bits and pieces and I had a chandelier....I wanted to add more but the boys thought it finished, can't wait until tonight and it lights up.......
 It was very hot even in the shade of the gazebo
 all the bits from B&M STORES
OK for an hours work any way lol
I will update this post later when it is all lit up, see if it really works
Hugs to all x
Not a good picture, because it look lovely, worked a treat.
I fell aslepp and had to get up to try and take the pictures but couldn't get a good one it was either as above or below
I will try again but it did work.
Hugs to all x

A chandelier for the gazebo?

I want to add a chandelier to the middle of the gazebo, I had thought tealights in jam jars on a circular frame with fairy lights and dangly glass bits.....no idea how to make it yet but did a bit of Googling 
 AND LOOK AT THESE...lots more just click the link
This small one is only £150, worth every penny but I just can't right now...May be, can I mention the 'C' word? 
it could be a great Christmas pressie ready for next year?
Look at this beauty, absolutely  fabulous
just stunning
Fran McCaskill fused glass artist in Surrey.

Fabulous, and really inspiring, wish I could afford one right now.
 But would I want to leave it in the garden?
I'll have a go at making one myself first,but I love her work.
Now where is my wire work box and pliers? This could be a fun project to have a go at don't you think?

Lots liked the stripy curtains I used around the gazebo, still more to go up but they are only shower curtains.
Propa gazebo curtains are sooo expensive so I though what could I use that was inexpensive?

Have fun xx

Tuesday 7 August 2012

I TRIED.....

A ton of chipping right in the middle of the drive, I turned my back and he delivered them.
Phil on nights and in bed so no where to put the camper or car and only little 'ole me, so I made a start....
then had a cuppa, and shovelled and shifted.....
then sat on the swing for a 5 minute break...
then shovelled a bit more but i just couldn't do any more...
just over half way...came inside for a cup of Chicken soup and a square or two of chocolate and to watch the Triathlon...well done GB.
and fell asleep on the sofa, oops!

Phil woke up the sun came out and with in half an hour it was finished...

edge of the lawn need to green up a bit but we now have a permanent gazebo..
some where to eat and chat with friends...
just need to finish treating the last 4 chairs and finish all the cushions...
just a few steps from the back door...
and a cosy place to sit..
Just needs dressing flags, chandelier and friends for dinner

a job well done, hope you like it
Hugs to all x
Phil took a picture from our bedroom window...

Visitors so a bit behind with the cushion back..

Part I middle of the FI Mandala cushion back today

Pattern part 1:  LINK HERE
2nd half tomorrow

A TON OF CHIPPINGS TO MOVE TODAY!!!!!!...more blisters? hehe
 I wasn't happy with the extra charge for the chippings, so the terrier in me was determined to find them from some where else.....took me all of 5 minutes to find them from PJ Skips almost 10 miles away, and £20 cheaper, so the local company got cancelled.

and here a bit of garden remodelling
Hugs to all x

Monday 6 August 2012

interlocking block stitch kindle bag options

sorry visitors so back of FI Mandala cushion tomorrow
enjoy your evening x

Phil taking out the last sod of turf in a sudden and unbelievably heavy shower, sun came out again 5 minutes later, very odd day.
But I did do my bit and between us (I've got the blisters to prove it hehe) we removed the turf and took it to the skips in about an hour, then went to order the chippings, and they charged us £12 more than a month ago, for a ton of chippings, so Phil wasn't a happy bunny.

 It seems a month ago we lived close enough to deliver free (about 3/4 of a mile) this time they charged us £12, so going back today to see what can be done about it. With the two receipts and ask why?
Plus a month ago it was delivered in 2hours and this time it's going to take 4 days, grrrrr!

ouch! created it then squashed it then busts it, so Manuka honey and a plaster.....
aarh! poor me hehe my crochet hook holding thumb too lol
Have a fun  filled day all
hugs x