Tuesday 29 April 2008

Looks like it might be another wonderful day!!

Morning ALL....another early morning 4.45 the alarm went off....lol
Almost finished the basic 25th calendar......should be finished today then all l need to do is sort the new printer out!!....one that is friends with Vista!!!

Still cant make my mind up about 12" printer.....want individual cartridges though for definate so waste so much ink with the tri colour!
Val....glad you got yourself a blog will look in a min and send ya a message...of course you must take pics of work then put them on your blog want to see what you get up too please lol
Jane sorry l didn't get back to ya last night will ring later...not going to make it unless l win the lottery that is!!!......... need the printer before another retreat l'm afraid
Slimming this morning so cya later girls
Happy Scrapping all xx

Monday 28 April 2008

Thanx for yesterday girls

SCRAP YOUR DAY....one of UKScrappers CC challenges
This is going to be a great challenge to do over twelve months..might manage one day a month for a year!!! lol As the 25th is James (son) b/d will be a good day for me lucky choice of date!!
Think l've decided on papers and colours but not quite there with the shape and the addditional highlight colour yet....bit more thinking me thinks!

Valentino Zubiri..thanx for the mail..nice suprise never know who may be visiting your blog do you? Will add a link to your blog for all my friends to see..thanx again terrific idea.....love the origami but not tried a crane yet
Happy Scrapping all....son visiting to day so looking forward to another terrific day....isn't LIFE BRILL!!! one happy bunny here

Morning all....interesting mail this morning!!

Well you never know who may be taking a peek at your blog....

Thanx for the mail Valentino...such a coincidence had a similar type of thought myself!!!....have looked at the video and a quick look at your blog.....and l will add you to my blog for all to see

Thanx girls for a terific day yesterday...yet another wonderful fun fillled day....booking the 16th for next month as agreed...cya on wednesday girls...Val good luck with you're b


Morning all...thanx again girls for a wonderful day yesterday.....small but just the best/informative/funniest and enjoyable group we've got going l think!! lol

JANE...thanx for the great papers....love them l do

VAL...Sorry you wont make Sunday (Warrington) Val but enjoy the wkend away with your lovely daughter and sooooooo jealous you're going to the Grand Designs Show...lots of pics please? lol

Sarah glad you can come though..a terrific crop Warrington is..you'll love it

Saturday 26 April 2008

Origami stars

Made James Birthday card from one of theses stars with a flower holder in the center...with a little something in the flower!!! lol
CYA all at the Beacon tomorrow morning girls Happy Scrapping all

Thursday 24 April 2008

Thanx for another great wednesday crop girls

Morning all....brill day as always but sad it was Val's last wed. crop...good luck going back to work though....not that you will need it..have fun Val
Sunday crop this next sunday 27th at the Beacon...cya all there
Still haven't sorted the hol pics out but will do over the wkend....l hope!!
Having a lazy day today just a card to finish for James birthday tomorrow...and finish the mini album.....having a fruit day today..wish me luck lol
Happy scrapping all hugs xx

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Morning all

LOVED THIS PLACE!! but l love the architect so no suprises there!!! lol more pics to follow....cold at this height but absolutely stunning views!

Brill flight back from Lanzarote!! left early and back in UK safe n sound but the journey from Birmingham airport was a nightmare!!!....took us longer to do a journey of just over an hour by car to home than it took us to fly all the way from Lanza!!! so a tad late last night getting home but all ok and the furballs glad to see us back l think lol...sooooooooo much mail to plough through and slimming this morning so catch up later got some terrific pics cant wait to see them on the laptop....catch up later hugs xx

Saturday 19 April 2008

Hi all from Lanzarote!!

Very quick message to say hi to all thanx for the comments and will be home on monday..had a brill week everything has been terrific...gone too quick....just been getting rid of the junk in my mail box cya soon x

Sunday 13 April 2008


ARTY GIRLZ BLACK N WHITE CHALLENGE...a mini fold up photo frame/elaborate b/card!!made with my own papers and some experimental buttons added a few quotes to the backing cards...brill folding technique to make each 3 inch frame...l'll be making a few of these little gems!!
Only saw this challenge yesterday but as b/w is my fav at the mo thought l'd have a go went out in the morning not knowing what to do but.....saw a demo yesterday at Wyvale craft shop so using what l learnt!!.....oh and l had a bit of help too....British Creativity...hehehehe THANX BRUPBRUP you are the best!! x

Saturday 12 April 2008


thank goodness for that was getting worried l was!!!!
New hand made flowers (created the paper myself) and doodling with my new uniball white pens...thanx to a fast delivery and some new button experiments l've been playing with...its a cover page in my Sketchpad to take on hols to Lanzarote....camera pens and pad this hol!!
Oh!! ARTY GIRLZ.....got a black n white challenge..just my fav colours will have to see if l can do this before hols!!!
But off to see a demo at the Wyvale in Telford thos morning and l must tidy up my craft stuff before l go away and pack and and.....oooops! hold that plane!! lol


having problems accessing my blog and l want to do a challenge ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr will keep trying but not had any luck for almost 24 hours now!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 11 April 2008


Button Fairies and felted cupcakes!!!...ooh eeer...need to nose around the blogs more me thinks!!...oh dear more time on the pc...lol

Thanx Jane for the button fairy info real cute they are!! then went on to look at other blogs hehehe and found the cupcakes and lots more very interesting bits n pieces

mmmmmm another fun day ahead l think!!..my last for a week+...need to tidy up ready for the cat sitter!!...Thanx Gerald what would we do with out ya...just be careful will ya no shrunk jumpers n perfumed house this time please!!! hehe
Happy Scrapping all x

Thursday 10 April 2008

Wine Glass Charms...loved making these!

Cybor Crop Challenge today was a wine glass charm!!!..never heard of them before but took a look...beads n wire...mmmmmmm played around with more flowers and some new die cuts!! Thanx Sarah..brill buy!

Ended up with some lovely tiny flowers and stars on a circular ribbon so made some paper charms and a drinks mat too....dead chuffed with the results.....

Also been making yet more flowers..l'm hooked lol

Monday 7 April 2008

Warrington crop yesterday....WOW!

Good Morning all..well after a shakey start hehe and a wrong turn we arrived..what a warm welcome and a GOLD STAR crop...so well organised and friendly and one terrific class.....THANX WARRINGTON TEAM...Sarah Rebecca and Lianne...so much fun and look forward to seeing you next month..thanx
Will add a pic or two later today...still in bed at mo and not got the camera out yet

Friday 4 April 2008

Heaven Scent!!

LO of Phils great neice...play on words sent /scent she was playing in a pint of beer at Phils neices wedding December 2006

Flowers were hand cut and doodled with a sparkly jell pen really catch the light and really do sparkle

OSCAR'S day one Challenge..PLANNER

Planner for the 2008 Cybor crop OSCARS....still to attach the page envelopes/cards to the cover but waiting till after for that incase l add more or change the order..loved doing this one b/w my fav and the Comedy Kings (my team) colours..how lucky was that?
Off now to make a do not disturb sign and an Oscar..cya later

Thursday 3 April 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

mmmmm got ya stop eating my cosmos!!!!!!...
Pic 2...Dragon Arum...wow!!! growing sooo fast Thanx Jaquie...keep ya posted
Gardening time for me being a Spring gardener l come out when the sun does!! lol
Thanx for a great fun filled day Val...managed 7 LO's well chuffed with myself after the slow start!!...
Hope the trip to Bridgemere was a good one?

Wednesday 2 April 2008

WEDNESDAY CROP!! Cya later girls

How fast has that come round again!! Thinking of you Sarah....hope the day goes smoothly for you and your family...cya next week though
CYA LATE GIRLS....fun fun fun