Saturday 12 April 2008


thank goodness for that was getting worried l was!!!!
New hand made flowers (created the paper myself) and doodling with my new uniball white pens...thanx to a fast delivery and some new button experiments l've been playing with...its a cover page in my Sketchpad to take on hols to pens and pad this hol!!
Oh!! ARTY a black n white challenge..just my fav colours will have to see if l can do this before hols!!!
But off to see a demo at the Wyvale in Telford thos morning and l must tidy up my craft stuff before l go away and pack and and.....oooops! hold that plane!! lol


  1. Oh my word those flowers and that paper are both comepletly yummy Sue, I can't wait to see them IRL, will have to wait a bit though, either that or come to Lanzarote! I look forward to seeing a full pad on your return though, travel safe and have fun both of you xx

  2. Thanx Jane will do our best!!! lol
    thanx really really pleased with these flowers over print of a Tim Holtz spot on a paper that was a photo l blurred a couple of years ago cant even remember what the original pic was of now!! lol flowers most probs hehe...Pays to keep everything hey!