Saturday 30 May 2015

Granny Squares and Shapes....out in August arrived today

.....and I didn't know it, its been sitting in the letter box all day.

link to on pre order 
and a new release date of the 7th August

Back cover...

 Hope you enjoy it as much as the first...and I hope there is something for everyone

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Granny Squares page 98 variation

With just a simple 7dc shell added to the final round and join as you go...

Three variations on the pattern on page 98.
The new white circle version had a shell st, of 7tr, on round 4

and 4mm hook

Monday 18 May 2015

Another book variation and the lovely Wendy Cotton Silk..

Don't feel you always need to complete a motif to make a project work...this one is The Star coaster pattern with variations from page 70 Granny Squares Book 1

The first 2 round of the pattern.......

The only difference is i've done my favourite finger wrap for the first round and 12sc into the wrap then the second round is the same.....finish here and join as you go makes for another option

Here is another variation
with a 2finger wrap...The yellow middles are in a linen yarn and the 2nd rounds are all in the Wendy Supreme Cotton and Silk.

Be creative ands the book patterns as a base for your creativity


Sunday 17 May 2015

Loving the Wendy Supreme Cotton silk DK

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just incase anyone new is taking a peek on my blog I use US Terms, 
but the book is written in UK Terms

Another variation of a pattern from my Book 1 Granny Squares
in Wendy Supreme 4mm hook
I've changed the centre ring for a 2 finger 5wrap, instead of a circle and dc, this means the round 3 changes to 1dc in each st, not 2dc in 1st,
 This method of joining still needs a small fill-in as the holes are a little big 

A huge THANK from this week Suz Place is now sponsored by  

Thomas B Ramsden Yarns. 
click link above to see the 9 colours of the Supreme Cotton silk 

I will over the coming months, be sampling all their lovely yarns and each month there will be a free pattern for everyone to use.

It might be a new rug, a lacy wrap, a scarf or hat, a summer top or a winter throw to snuggle into.

And a huge Thank You to 
LOREMAR YARNS  click link to visit shop
who supplied the first Wendy Cotton Silk I have used and also the yarn along with being very supportive with the Chunky Monkey

As you might have guessed the first yarn I am sampling for Wendy yarns is the Supreme Cotton Silk yarn so watch this space. 

I already have about 10 sample pieces and I'm trying hard to decide on which one I use to make a 
cute strappy summer top.....Lets hope we get the sun to go with it

Happy Hooking

Saturday 16 May 2015

Wendy Supreme for a new version of Granny Square Book 1 pattern

On page 98 for the pattern and a New colour combo for this motif 
 Made in Wendy Cotton and Wendy supreme cotton and silk 
for the pop of colour
click link above for the 9 colours 
 No Pattern change to this one just a different colour combination....and it looks entirely different

Happy Hooking

Friday 15 May 2015

No-Sew Drawstring Cushion Pattern or make a throw with the flowers

 Just a reminder of the Cushion Pattern onYarnArt with Sue Pinner 
The Giant Flowers made in Chunky or Aran make a great throw too

For the Drawstring no sew circular cushion that looks great from both sides

Thursday 14 May 2015

Book 1; Granny Squares sharing some new variations on the patterns

Because book 2 is going to be a little late on the shelves 
(August 28th 2015 and not May 2nd) 
I decided to go through Book 1 and re model some of the make them in todays popular yarns and different colour ways....
You will need the book for the patterns but the pictures I will post here will be in new colour ways and new yarns.

PATTERN 1 Variations

from the pattern on page 82. Made in Sirdar Baby Crofter and a plain back ground...I've called this The Crofter Cartwheel
The only pattern difference is I'm using my favourite finger wrap and sc instead of dc for the first round
I think you will agree it looks totally different from the cotton garden seat cover in the book?
Below are two more options...just by changing the colours the motif looks entirely different
 The one above in Wendy Supreme cotton and silk and another similar yarn in a third shade of pink looks just like a daisy.

 The one below I've made in Wendy Supreme cotton and silk it has a slight stone washed look and I've changed the method of joining them together in the third sample

The Crofter Cartwheel

Page 98 The Hexagon blanket Motif is next

Hope you enjoy the new variations from Granny Squares Book 1.

Wednesday 13 May 2015


Sorry no picture yet but Granny Squares and Shapes
is on Amazon as a pre order...should be available on August 28th

One of my favourite yarns
Alpaca samples above...

Sunday 10 May 2015

Octagon Star flower with extra rounds....

 A new version of the 8 Petal flower pattern below in Alpaca
for this Alpaca flower the centre is different
finger wrap of 4 wraps
Round 1: 12sc into circle sl st to complete (12sc)
Round 2: 2sc in each st, sl st to complete (24sc)
Round 3: 1sc inch st, repeat to end sl st to complete (24sc)

Round 1-3 above Replace R1-R2 BELOW
Continue from R3 BELOW To complete this Alpaca Flower



Chain 8 sl st to complete the circle
R1: 24 dc into the circle, sl st to complete round.
R2: 1sc in each stitch, sl st to complete round


R3:  Start in any stitch, 2dc in first and second st, ch4, miss a st, repeat until you have 8 sides sl st to complete round....picture above is the original octagon, the chain loops are just one ch st longer to take the petals

R5: attach yarn between the 2sets of 2dc with a sc, 

4dc into chain loop, chain 4 sl st into the base of the 4ch, to make the point of the petal, 4dc into same chain loop sc in the middle of the 4 dc of previous round, repeat until 8 pointy petals have been made, sl st to complete round.

Happy Hooking x

New Alpaca Granny Square Coat in the making

 Ive finally decided on the next GS Coat, in 7 colours of Stylecraft Alpaca, I'm using a 5mm hook and using a modified version of the old GS Coat pattern
I had forgotten how nice and firm this circle in a square motif is.

 I already have a block of 9 made and 24 more circle ready to go

Modified from the original GS Coat motif, Circle in a square.

 A finger wrap of 10 wraps (padded centre ring) 
 Round1: 16sc into wrap circle, sl st to complete. (16sc)

 ROUND 2:ch2 counts as first dc, 1dc into same st, 2dc in next 15 sts sl st to complete round. (32dc)

 Round 3: change colour, attach yarn in any st, ch2, miss a st, sc into next st, repeat to end

  sl st into first ch2 sp. (16 ch2 loops)

 Round 4: ch 2 counts as first dc, 1dc ch2 2dc into same ch2 sp, ch1,
 2sc, ch1, into next 3sp, 
 repeat for each side and corner.

The old coat had squares but this one is a little smaller so not sure how many i will need yet.

complete first square then match st to st, for the next square and all following squares. Use the ch st as a sl st to join them in the ch1 spaces.

 I've made a version of the Chunky monkey flower in alpaca to be applied to the back of the coat too but I'm still learning the tricks of the Mac book and I can't seem to get that particular picture from my camera card to the blog at the minute...hurry up from work James i need you!

Seems I didn't need him after all...i'd uploaded them and didn't realise...clever me!
 9 motif sample so far
 I've made a sample yarn necklace too to hold all the circles as they are made
A modified Chunky Monkey Flower to go some where on the coat when it's finished 

and it goes very nicely with the wrap i made a few weeks ago

 Love this square, no curling and it makes a lovely firm fabric perfect 
for a coat or jacket.