Monday 11 September 2017

My "Less Baggy" c2c pattern in detail

Thanks Hookers for a fabulous crochet weekend in Bala...some of the girls asked for my c2c pattern 2013, in one place and easier to find so here it is...
Have fun.


This tutorial will give you a C2C with no visible holes, unless you pull to piece to reveal the holes, i close and firm c2c

 Explaining the C2C block by block.

US Terms in black UK Terms in brackets in red

C2C patterns can be made in one plain yarn...great texture, 
stripes... so a pattern can be made when you join small blocks together,
 or you can just make a large striped piece...square or rectangular
Above every row is a different colour so lots of ends...when i change colour i cut and pull the last colour straight though the last two sts on the hook.

Then I add the next colour through the same pair of stitches, hold both ends and crochet over the top of them so no ends to deal with at the finish.

Below a space dyed yarn c2c triangle scarf
space dyed yarn gives an automatic stripe with no effort and no ends to deal with.

I have broken this tutorial down into blocks not rows hoping to help those crocheters who are really not understanding the C2C pattern, with its twists and turns and decreasing.

Want a less 'baggy' open look?.....use 2ch as the replacement dc [tr], use 5ch for the turn not 6ch. Also use sl st. and not sc [dc], when joining the blocks together
Personally i would always use 2ch as a replacement for dc [tr], in all my work because of the baggy look 2ch gives....give it a try and see what you think

 Increasing the Blocks and Decreasing the Blocks

Block 1: sl knot on hook, ch5, 

1dc [1tr], in 3rd sts from hook, 

1dc [1tr], in next 2 ch sts, the first 2ch sts, become the ch sts you crochet into on the next row.

 Block 2: ch5, 1dc [tr], in 3rd st from hook, 1dc [1tr], in next 2ch sts, 

fold up first block up to hook, sl st or sc [dc], into corner of the first block.
NOTE: depending on how close I want the finished piece to look I will use either sc [dc], or sl st to join to the next block

Block 3: ch2 counts as first dc [tr], 3dc [3tr], into ch sp.

Block 4: ch5, dc [tr], in 3rd st, from hook, 1dc [1tr], in next 2ch sts, fold up the main body of c2c, to the hook, sl st/sc [dc], in the corner of the next block

Block 5:ch2, 3dc into ch sp, sl st/sc [dc], into corner,

Block 6: repeat block 3

Block 7: repeat block 4 this is the end turning block.
Repeat this pattern to the size you require 
Blocks 8-10: repeat block 3
Block 11: repeat block 4.
Blocks 12-15 repeat block 3
Block 16: repeat block 4

Keep repeating the mid row blocks (block 3) and the
end turning block (block 4) pattern until your c2c is the size you require 
Cut and pull first yarn though st
put hook back though both the last 2sts
pull new colour through last 2sts.
ch5, 1dc [1tr], in 3rd st from the hook, 1dc [1tr], in next 2 sts, 

fold main body of c2c up to hook and continue as before crocheting over the ends as you go any ends left use a bodkin to weave in

To Decrease.
Stop INCREASING THE BLOCKS when your piece gets to the size you want.
Turn before the ch5,
sl st or sc [dc], into top of next 3 sts, sc [dc], into ch sp, 
and continue to 
 repeat block 3.....ch2 as first dc [tr],  3dc [3tr], into ch sp, sl st/sc [dc],into corner of next block....

continue to end of row stopping before the last block turn and repeat sl st/sc [dc], across the top of the last block continue with block 3 and repeat turn

repeat decrease both ends until you have a completed square 

To make a rectangle only decrease one end and continue to increase the other until you have the size you want then decrease both ends.


  1. I like this much better! I haven't been a big fan of C2C but I have made a graphghan with it and I wish it was with this method. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Gina, good to hear its improved the c2c for you xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks its a beautiful yarn, always helps when all the colours are so gorgeous xx

  3. Is there a pattern for the lovely patel crochet piece at the beginning of the instructions? I love your designs, and am so glad I found you.

    1. Hi Unknown, just follow the instructions and make it as bit as you want it to be x

  4. Do you have a pattern for the triangle scarf please? It's gorgeous. Thanks.

    1. Hi Just follow the instructions and stop when its as big as you want it to be x

  5. What would this stitch be called if it wasn't used for a c2c just a square afghan?

    1. Hi Mary, still c2c just in a square format...because its works from one corner to another x

  6. I use your method and your instructions for my guide. Thanks for putting this online for us to use. Have a great day!