Thursday, 24 November 2011

When you work with lots of coloured yarns do you end up with a bucket mess?

Just like this one...and i'm afraid to say there are a few of these i'm trying to get though

Do you throw it away or spend time sorting it out?
l LOVE sorting these messes out while watching TV, very satisfying 

The star blanket needs two more long rows and then l think a couple of row in length, having laid it on the single bed, l think that should be big enough
so 60 done and  34 stars to go...l hope
Are you having problems taking decent pictures?
The day light is so bad these days, and we haven't reached the proper winter yet

I'm afraid i had the munchies last night and attacked the advent calendars..oops!
So that's 5 chocolates that need replacing...better than last year though l ate them all twice before they got to the people they were meant for lol

Hope all in the USA have a Happy Thanksgiving today


  1. Love your bucket of mess....I'm a sorter too and would really enjoy unknotting it....until I'm tired then it would be thrown :-)
    The blanket is coming along nicely...keep up the good work.
    A x

  2. Good morning Suz! I started to keep my little yarn bits in a big clear glass jar. I think it is so pretty!!!
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Hello Suz,
    I always detangle, I find it quite relaxing. I also keep my odds and ends in a jar like Kris and in the Spring I put them out for the birds and they take them to make pretty nests. Isn't that cute? I only hope the other birds don't get jealous.

    Lots of love...
    Emma xxx xxx

  4. Just chuckling at you eating your advent calendar!!! I have emailed you. x Jo

  5. Oh you have more patience than me!

  6. Thats why I don't get advent calendars, not that I can eat chocolate anymore. I did that once with easter eggs I got for the grandgirls, never again.
    Love all that colour on the star blanket, its amazing and I really don't want to see things like that when I have resolved to start nothing new and get everything finished. It really is naughty of you to tempt me like that.