Friday 2 December 2011

Overwhelmed with excitement.....

Roughly worked out l need at leat 16 rows may be up to 20 more rounds, and it takes 50 minutes to do a round now, so a way to go yet

Then l want to add a decorative border....a few stars may be or just a navy band again? idea yet
Along with the disaster of ripped wallaper and a hole to fill, both sides of the wall lol....
When it was finally fitted the flippin bulb was broken, so still not working.
Still don't know what happened but not as bad as it looked, filled the hole yesterday and l'll stick the wallpaper down today
Felt like l sat down a lot yesterday morning, that's not allowed, so thought l would go exploring hehehe

Decided not to rush the patchwork sofa covers and as l still need about 3metres of fabric and all the zips......expensive and the wrong time of the year to find money like that

But the original beige covers are some where??????

So l braved Phils garage and climbed the tool covered stairs and had a dig around.....some where up there was a box packed very carefully in 2007 with the original Ikea sofa covers?

WELL....he got his garage upstairs tidied anyway, but no sign of the box
Couldn't understand why it wasn't there

At least l check what was left of my boxes of craft stuff up there and tied up a bit

Gave up and came inside again, then a thought hit me, the only place for big box storage inside the house 
was under the stairs (no attic in this house)
yeeeeeeeees... there they four hours later they were all washed and drying nicely
A very boring colour, but lets see how l can spice up the sofas for Christmas......already have an idea

Hope l have enough time to make them., watch this space lol....wish me luck won't you?

Left over wallpaper.....what could l do with that?
Some left over wallpaper the same as the bathroom, but in a different colour way, so l covered a tray l had bought but decided l didn't like
Painted waterproof PVA on the tray, cut the paper an inch bigger, stuck it down cutting mitres in the curved corners and then trimmed the edge when it was all stuck fast
Painted and sealed with a coat of PVA, to make it wipe clean 

Dried it with the hair dryer, no time to wait for it to dry lol

Catch ya all later
Have all the excitement  this time of year, don't you? xx


  1. Wow, you've got so much energy you make me feel very lazy! Love the colours in the granny blanket and the wallpaper is gorgeous. xx

  2. Slow down girl or you will be all burnt out before the big day. :-)
    A x

  3. As always a great treat to pop over and see what lovelies you have going. Wow, navy that's a new one here, love it and it's always a classic. Now about that wallpaper. You saw my little girl room and you must know I think it's great. I so want to know about that birdie paper for the tray. I'm hoping it's something I missed on may last trip to IKEA. It reminds me of some napkins I got that. And your project is one I can handle...giggling.

  4. Phew!!!!Great ideas everywhere in your house!Love the new tray and I just happen to have a sample of the very same wallpaper so guess what I`m doing with it tomorrow?lolHave a great weekend, Suz.