Thursday, 18 November 2010


Almost but not quite there this morning...just need 3 then paint and gilding wrap the wire wreath and hot glue into place add some ribbon and one Christmas wreath made....
really having fun making these and love the free recycle bit!
then l can start again and make more Christmas decorations using these wonderful flowers from Michele 
thanks again Michele
Hugs all off to try and finish the wreath
have a tremendous Thursday all xx


  1. Suz I absolutely LOVE your flowers, cant wait to see the finished wreath, your blog is just so inspiring !! xxxx

  2. Thats looking really good Suz. How pretty.
    A x

  3. The Christmas fair is on 27th November in the town hall in Montgomery. We are joining with Tina from
    she has a shop in Montgomery called Indigo Moon....well worth a visit.
    A x

  4. Suz, Suz, Suz -

    I'm so into this project and find it so interesting. I'm ready to go unroll all the TP in the house. This looks to fun and creative. I also am adoring her birdhouses from the Kleenex box. What sweet dreams you have been creating for me this week. Can't wait to see this finished.

  5. Oh!!! Hey...are the British super excited for the upcoming royal wedding? I sure am!!!

  6. thanks all and yep Kris very very excited love the boys..always come over as such lovely lads
    Think he has his head screwed on and doing things the right way
    Hugs all