Tuesday 27 August 2013

We had fabulous weather this bank holiday..unheard of!!

Friends over for lunch out and a walk in the park afterwards......
 Shrewsbury Town Park
 not been into the Dingle bit for years....beautiful

Not my style of garden but it certainly is a stunning splash of colour for everyone to enjoy
Yesterday it was a wonderfully sunny day and everyone was walking in the park and taking in the colour.
Lucky us.


  1. Hi Sue,Your parks are really so beautiful!!!That is something that's rarely seen here in South Africa!!!It must be an absolute joy to walk through and enjoy the gardens!!!I think we are probably about 3 weeks from moving into our new home and then I have the enormous job of starting a garden from scratch!!!Have a great day!!!

    1. Oh wow! not long then...so can't wait to see all the pictures of the new house, i bet you are all really excited?
      Hugs x

    2. ps...good luck with the move and the new garden too xx

  2. what lovely pictures just what I need ,thank you