Tuesday 30 August 2011

New Bathroom Wallpaper and Bath Mat Emerging...

Played around with the bobble bit of the Circle of friends Motif...made it bigger by doing a CLUSTER OF 2 TREBLES instead of one treble 
Experimenting with my Granny Square version of  the Circle of Friends first two rounds 
for a Bath Mat in all the colours of the new wallpaper...
It's a bit wild but l love it...

B&Q's best @£12.99 a roll 
Stairs are almost boarded up stairs, just the downstairs to do now and then paint it all white and add the oak tops

I'm sure it will be OK when it is all painted!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stairs are a calling

Thanks for the comments l'll try to get back to you asap
just trying to cram a bit too much into my days right now to spend as much time on laptop as l like
But thinking of you all
hugs for a Terrific Tuesday


  1. I am enjoying all your developments...no need to get back to me :-)
    A x

  2. Suz I don't know where you find the time or the energy to think about DIY and being creative!
    well done you!

  3. lovely crochet and blog , i enjoy reading your posts

  4. Always fun to pop over and see what you are up too. This bath mat is going to look gr888. Fun colors, and black too. Yahoo.

  5. I had samples of that wallpaper but in the deep turquoise background. I felt it was too much but I like your choice. I`m also interested to see how your staircase turns out because mine is exactly the same with that 70`s `spar` look!Lovely bath mat too. x