Monday 27 September 2010


Found a wonderful site for beautiful vintage and Free labels to print called iDiY

so pretty.....
and ready to write on too!
got to find myself a supply of old bottle for definite 
hoping so it's just a few miles up the road so we are going for a look today may try to persuade Phil to go to Dagfields too as l din't make it yesterday..a day out instead of more painting then get back to the paint pot tomorrow......finish the lounge not much left to do now

So disappointed l'm going to miss the Auction on Wednesday we have tickets for Jenny Eclair's show
Why do good things always happen at the same time and you have to miss one? lol

have a marvellous Monday all xx
no escaping Monday Mornings!!


  1. Good Morning Suz. Look forward to seeing what you find to reclaim :-) Busy busy weekend for us. Door knocked through now and my room has been redesigned for it all to work :-) Doorway still in need of plastering etc then it's on to decorating and finishing it all off.....long way to go yet :-)
    A x

  2. hi...exciting stuff look forward to the pics soon hugs xx

  3. These labels are really nice and they suit your interior really well. (Is that understandable Englisch?)

  4. Your mantel looks lovely with your selection of goodies to display! Those labels add a wonderful touch. Have a great start to your week!

  5. All going well there Suz - enjoy your theatre trip!

  6. Hi hun
    Do pop over and collect your Tilly Rose award my lovely!
    Karen x x x

  7. thanks all....already have a paint brush in hand!!
    Hugs XX