Monday 28 February 2011

How popular is crochet this year?

As you know l've posted a couple of top DESIGNERS and their use of crochet in their shows already
Christopher Kane's Autumn/winter 2011/2012 show and the granny square still reigns 
House of Holland are using granny squares too as prints and with sparkle added for evening
Now that's a scarf and a half to be making lol
and  LOVE these lacy looking numbers by VIVIENNE TAM sprin/summer collection

I want to make a skirt or a top or both so on the look out for some fine cotton yarn in cream any suggestions welcomed from anyone who has crocheted clothing in the past as too what yarn is best though...cotton was my first thought

NooNoo's blanket 
looks great over the back of the sofa too!
 can l just say thank you to all who have joined  THE FLOWER BED  such enthusiasts
 We have a growing band of flowerery people, so far making some fabulous bed covers in a number of different flower patterns...all stunning and all sooooo different
Still some places left but filling up if you're interested take a peek

HOILDAY PROJECT...ssssssshhh! 
Phil doesn't know yet l'm taking it, will be a rainbow blanket of 12 coloured centers with cream petals...l'll take lots of the centers made up and ready to have the cream petals added that way all l need pack is a ball of cream or may be two! lol
Japanes flower but with a couple of stitch changes...most noticeable is the second round...
2 DC in each with ONE CHAIN between
few scribbled notes to work out the numbers......
list to the side of how many flowers needed to do how ever many rounds
127 if l go king size!...and it would be approximately 8' x 7'2" that's a biggy!

But this one, l wanted to do it in rows this time so 12 in a row, then l can do as many rows as l want

NO l'm only going to take about 3 centers of each colour with me, need to keep the weight down so that should be enough for some quiet hooky time..when l wake up at 5 in the morning and no one else is awake hehe
Enjoy your week everyone
Hugs to all
AND THE WINNER IS... Just in case you miss it 'cos l've posted twice this morning


  1. How organised are you? Just a lot of centres and cream wool only to carry :-) I think you may miss your balls of bright colours while you are away :-)
    A x

  2. That granny square scarf is probably really heavy! But it looks great. All the flowers look lovely. You have set quite a goal for a bed spread!

  3. Granny squares look nice and....heavy. Have a nice holiday with cream ;)

  4. Oh look at that granny scarf! I might want to try that one. Love it! I think the cream skirt or top would indeed go best with 100% cotton yarn, but there are also great cotton-silk combo's out there that are just devine! Good luck! The flowers once again look great :-)

  5. Patons 100% cotton 4ply or dk might be good for garments, negative ease. I think any crochet on the 'bum' area will stretch eventually so a good lining should help. If you make a dress the top half shouldn't need lining unless its quite tight across the 'bristols'. Anyway, good luck I have got some idea's in the pipeline for skirts and tops so inbox me and i will send over sketches see what you think? Take care Nicky xx

  6. Una vera meraviglia !!!
    Un grande abbraccio !

  7. Look at how skinny those models legs are!!! Gasp!! Love the crochet though. And I am nuts over those flowers!!

  8. Dear Suz, that was FUN to see the crocheted fashion items.. and I will always love that orange flower blanket you're making.

    Hugs from Oregon

  9. Thanks everyone
    Hugs to all x