Friday, 16 September 2011

Just a bag of Crochet Flowers l found

Tried a bit of a tidy up yesterday..bit of a larf!....with piled furniture and glued doors on my craft table
But l found a bag of flowers and started to make them into squares
They have been hiding in a bag for months and l can't remember it its a flower l made up or saw some where

Phil decided he wanted to try and remodel one of the doors we have bought yesterday afternoon so it's clamped and drying on my craft table with all sorts of weights on it for now
and l'm hiding in the craft room away fro the sauna in the rest of the down stairs playing a waiting game for now lol...
The dryer guy coming back sometime today, not sure when, but l was up early, washed end dressed 
just in case
Gone back to making a few more of the bobble hex's today in the red/pinks turquoise and lime
I'll try and make that grow a bit today

People keep asking me about 'ends' with changing colour all the time and how l deal with them

Because l almost always use a double strand of DK tying ends around stitches to anchor them is made yes l do tie ends but l also put them through a few stitches and then 
crochet over the top and bed them in
I nip off tiny bits that pop out as l work, but find after a wash or blocking has happened they sort of bed in better any way
Ends on the last row l would needle thread and push into the work

Have a Fabulous Friday everyone
Thanks again for all the dry certificate wishes 
Hugs to all xx


  1. I'm chuckling at you 'finding a bag of flowers' :-) I bet you've got lots of bags like that :-)
    Thinking of you today.....fingers crossed for good results.
    A x

  2. HEHE...ooops Annie how well you know me lol
    Lots and lots and they are all over he place
    Really should have a clear out lol
    Could do with a team of crocheters to make up all the experiments couldn't l? heheh
    Hows M? no news yet?
    Hugs to all x

  3. Love the flowers. Really cheerful colours. Good luck with your house.

  4. I swear Suz, I don't know where you find the energy and the time to make all that you do. I love the flowers and thanks for the pattern. Have you thought of collecting your work and making a book? I think your patterns and color choices would be an amazing book for all of us to learn from.
    Happy Friday,

  5. oh thankyou for the ends bit. Glad im doing what you have mentioned prehaps i still need a little practice to get things to look so good like yours. And saying about how good your work is i have to agree with Mereknits you could make a fantastic colourful crochet book. x x

  6. I am smitten by your blanket's color pop and design. So beautiful!