Saturday, 17 September 2011

Second Crochet Flower Cushion with Bobble Stitch Edging

Back to fun Crochet hey?...far more interesting than wet walls  lol
The bag of Flowers l found have been made into a colourful flowery cushion front 
I added a lime SC border...3 rows of SC, after joining with a row of Lime SC
Adding a ruby red Bobble edging

Reminds me of a my Grannies vintage tea cosy hehe
 The Flowers are a simple flat Flower petals made with 2 chain 2Trebles 2 chain and a sl st into next stitch and repeat, but when you add the leaves and back ground they curl up a bit
l'm not unhappy about that though
Love the mix of Lime and Ruby red bobbles
Makes a simple crochet version of the pompom edging you can get on cushions today
I only added one more hex to the lap blanket yesterday the crochet flowers filled my day

No idea what to do for the cushion backs this time..thinking cap on while we add the new glued door to our bed room 
3 down 10 to go! lol

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Oooh how lucky for me! I am just edging my latest blankie and was thinking about sticking a row of bobbles somewhere in this edge, but hadn't thought about having them right round the outside. I am definitely going to do it now though! Love your cushions and the edging sets them off fantastically.
    Looking through your blog (and I've only read about 4 posts) has made my 'to do' list grow even longer!

  2. I am finding leaving you a comment very hit and miss Suz. Often I can't get the comment box to appear and have to try several times to get there. I know you are worth the effort but thought you should know :-)
    Love the red bobble edge.
    A x

  3. Gorgeous cushions they are so pretty ,your so artistic,i love seing your new ideas x

  4. So brings happiness...

  5. oohh they are lovely thanks for sharing pattern.

  6. Eye candy. I haven't been crocheting much lately.. need.. to.. do.. some.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)