Friday, 16 September 2011

Not as bad as it could have been...

the plaster has got to come off the wall in the dining room and what was the old outside wall in the kitchen
Another mess to deal with, but it could have been worse l suppose the other walls are all dry enough to leave alone
Just waiting for Phil to come home from work and see what he says
oh well another challenge to face hey?


  1. What a b..... Still better to get it done now than regret it later. Hope we have a warm sunny weekend for you! x Jo

  2. Keep your chin up. Your gonna get two new walls but I do understand about the mess. We are still renovating our house, so I know all about mess!

  3. I think these challenges come to try us Suz. Keep your chin up and lets hope it all gets sorted soon for you both.
    A x

  4. Oh, you seem to take all these hits in stride!! Another skill to learn, I suppose. I hope it all works well for you :)