Sunday, 11 September 2011

New Bobble Hexagon

The new hex pattern...mail me if you want th pattern.
fast turning into one of my favourite yourself but please link back to me if you use it thanks
For those that don't know me l'm for the UK but work in USA Terms..they make more sense to me

Bobble Hexagon Pattern
PM me if you want the pattern
join as you go help l'd try You tube..lots of videos to watch there.
Looks quite different from the square don't you think?
 Still not sure what l'm making with it either yet hehehe

Hall, stairs and landing almost finished, little bit of dado rail still to be sorted down stairs but the oak tops look great and it's given the hall stairs and landing a more minimal look..perfect just what we wanted
 Collage of the Chaos downstairs still
 drying out slowly but now all the cracks are getting bigger and the staining is getting darker!!!!!
 One good thing though, we are negotiating with the Insurance company in having foor tiles and not 
laminate relaid it will cost us the extra but we will get the floor we would prefer, if it happened again we would have a swimming pool instead of a soggy mess hehe...God forbid it NEVER happens again though

The new carpets will be the last thing to go down but they are the first thing ready and waiting 

Trying to decide on the tiles right now...large, square shiny or matt?
The one on the right is favoured so far as it can also be cut into skirting strips too with no further trim needed.....very continental hey?...not many UK tiles have skirting tiles so a tile that can be cut to make skirting is needed

Thanks for all the good wishes over the sogginess much appreciated, we were both feeling a bit down yesterday the driers make an awful noise, but Phil changed another of the doors upstairs yesterday and put a smile on our faces...we really, really love the new doors and they have changed the look of the rooms so much

Have a Super Sunday and hope the high winds forcast don't get ya
Thinking of All who were lost in 9/11 and the Families left changed a lot that day!
Love and Hugs to all xx

UPDATE: ooops sorry l forgot the working blind on round 4 l've updated the pattern so from 15.20 you will have the correct pattern


  1. It was an awful thing to happen for you both but out of it you will eventually have a beautiful home. Love the carpet and tiles.
    A x

  2. Hola y gracias por visitar mi blog. Los hexágonos son preciosos y usas colores tan vivos y divertidos¡¡¡ me gusta el trabajo que estás haciendo.
    Un saludo.

  3. Thanks for the pattern, Suz. Looks like you are making progress on the clean up mess. I am about to start on a new kitchen, Yikes!

  4. Your Hexagons looks great!!!!! Wow!!!! Have a nice day! Yours Doris

  5. great hexagons! thanks for sharing the pattern!

  6. Suz, the colors in your hexies are eye-popping-ly LUSH! I'm hoping for you that your home dries out and gets back in tip-top condition asap.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. My goodness that bobble hexagon is going to lead me astray I fear, even with my massive pile of projects i've got on the go, I can feel myself leaning over towards my yarn stash......

  8. Love your new Hexagon pattern. Actually like alot of the things you make.
    I too use USA terms instead of UK,( Australian standard is UK )as they just make more sence to me.
    Must have missed the post and can't find any info in past blogs, that I have read, but how did your home get soooo wet ???? You poor thing, how devastating, But it will be better then ever when it is finished. I personaly love wood floors, as I have found tiled floors, expecialy the light or very dark ones, hard to keep clean. Though the tile on the right looks great next to your carpet choice.
    Hugs Audra

  9. I Love your Bubbles: I´d make a link on my Blog. Thanks!!! (i also really love these Colours :-)
    Madame Flamusse

  10. This is a lovely tutorial! I'm the editor of and I know my readers would just love this pattern. Let me know if I can link to your tutorial with full credit to you and we can get started. Email me with any questions!

    Nicola Trumbull, Editor
    ntrumbull (at) primecp (dot) com
    Prime Publishing LLC
    3400 Dundee Road
    Northbrook, IL 60062

    1. Hi Nicola I have mailed you about this pattern

  11. Where can I find this pattern? Do you have any other blanket patterns? My email address is if you have any patterns you cld send me.
    Are you on pinterest or google+?