Tuesday, 13 September 2011

WOW!..I can't believe the response to the new HEX Pattern

Almost 2000 page views on my blog yesterday and mostly for the new Hex Pattern hehe..
So chuffed it's been liked and hope to see a few colour variations appearing some day
Thank you for the lovely comments here and on Ravelry too
With all the mess and upheaval at home at the moment it has really made me feel all warm and cuddled hehe
Thank You everyone
 Didn't manage much yesterday, the day is a bit of a blank really lol...every time l empty the driers l hope they are slowing down but still pints coming out of the walls..got until Friday and the guy returns to check the walls again...please say a prayer will you...l don't want the plaster removing from the walls which is the next step if we still get wet readings......nooooooooooooooooo!

I did manage a couple more of the pink hex's decided another cushion for the bed...a girl can't have enough cushions don't ya think? lol

Using a double round for the back ground on this one...so...

Round 5:  3DC in each of the 6 corners and SC in the 5 in between stitches
Round 6: SC in each stitch with 3 SC in the middle stitch on each corner..this is also the join as you go round
But ran out of the back ground yarn so a trip to the shops today to get Mr T's Tuna ( he is evil with out a regular dose lol) and another ball of the back ground, if l can find it, it was an odd ball l had and was a perfect colour, although not quite as soft as the Stylecraft DK l use most of the time

Decided to just keep adding to this turquoise, red/pink and lime project and hope it reaches a lap blanket size soon...a border of the bobbles would finish it off nicely l think
and l must get back to this and finish it off, ooops l got distracted by the Hex l did
 love the contrast between the really simple Granny and the Bobble Hex

Isn't crochet a lot of fun, l really am totally addicted to the hook! lol

Sun shining here today, after an extremely windy day yesterday
Sad to hear the wind took a couple of lives in the UK..thoughts to their families

Have a Terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Wundervolle Häkelarbeiten. Sehr schöne Farben.
    Liebe Grüße, Heike

  2. I will say a prayer for you if you will say one for M. :-) I'm not surprised at the response cos your new hex is so very pretty....The gorgeous colour combos you use really work.
    A x

  3. Suz, where do you find the time with all your renovations? I love the contrastin the blankets, so much pop and color in one, and the simple back to basics on the other. Both beautiful. You deserve 2000 more hits, the hex is a beauty.

  4. Well, these are truly stunners. I feel so silly with my silly simple ones. I am however, going to be giving yours a try. Your color picks always amaze me. I can't wait to see how you do the border of boobles.

  5. Hiya Suz! I am slowly getting back to blogland now that the summer seems to be behind us. Of course your blog had to be my first stop and I have not been disappointed :) Gorgeous hex pattern and really love the colours you chose with the pink, green and blue one. I may have to make one in the exact same colours.

    I sympathise with your flooding problem and really hope everything is sorted out for you soon. Can you believe my mum's whole house flooded at Christmas (burst pipes due to extremely cold Lincolnshire weather) and the insurance company still haven't sent the driers round!! She is just being moved out while they finally carry out the work this thursday after almost 9 months of living in awful conditions. I hope your situation is all good news Xx

  6. Hi! I love your color combos! that bobbles hexagon is a hit! I have to try it soon!
    All the best!