Sunday, 18 September 2011

Double Bobble Stitch Crochet Flowers

Lots of playtime today...some little chunkies 
some double chunkies...
and more double chunkies...
and more chunkies...with a different colour conbo
some with a brown backgound...
 and some with a pale grey back ground
but mostly lots of colour...
almost the same pattern but some differences 
Pattern bed and waiting to see the new series of 
been waiting for this to start for weeks
Enjoy your evening
Hugs to all x


  1. Can you come to the states and give me some crochet lessons? Please??? I will cook for you!

  2. Yes, come to the states and give us a lesson and I'll come and Kris can cook. Maybe Kate and Pammy Sue can join us. :-)

    I like the grey background better, it sets off the color better, the brown kinds of "eats" the color.

    I **LOVE** the colorful eye-candy, reminds me of my post of Dahlias today!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. OH.. and I love Downton Abbey.. but I have to watch it on DVD after the season is over... wah!

  4. YOU MUST STOP!!! YOU'RE MAKING US ALL LOOK BAD! THOSE OF US WHO CAN BARELY FINISH ONE LITTLE THING A DAY!! Kidding of course. You are an inspiration, Suz. Keep going

  5. Hi Suz, I really LOVE all your flowers! I've got a theme-party going on right now on my blog and the topic is "flowers" - I'd be happy if you came over to link your lovely flowers! :)

  6. Hi friend I love your blog always has beautiful things here, beijokas ...
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  7. Those with the brown background remind me of Iced Gems Yum!

  8. OMG, still floating on fluffy Downton Cloud! Would have loved to lived then upstairs but not downstairs purely to wear the frocks.

  9. Ohhhhh Suze, I like very much Downton Abbey. I love Downton Abbey. In Spain, a few months ago put the first season. I could not resist and ended up watching the chapters online at VO with the merit that my English is ... Well, I'm eager to see the second season. Please do not forward anything !!!!!!
    :) Celetna Antara

  10. you are SO productive!!!! love your photos mosaics too. It all looks so wonderful!