Saturday, 10 September 2011

Welcome to chaos and a finished bath mat and a New Bobble Hexagon pattern

Hi everyone, came back early from our holiday...rain and high winds l'm afraid but the weekend was great and l finished my new crochet bath mat on the 4th September

Everyone loved it and l even had one lady want to learn how so l gave her a lesson on the Sunday afternoon before she went home...a convert l think, she went home with her first granny square
Sorry l've not been on line even though we got back Monday night
I'm afraid right now we are in such a mess, if you missed it we had a blown pipe in the bathroom while out for the day and came home to water pouring from every where
Insurance assessors have been in and it took a while but this week the driers went in and we now have no floors at all in the hall kitchen dining room and lounge just nasty dusty wet concrete floors
half the kitchen units have been removed and most of the skirting boards stuff is piled in drier places and the place is a total chaos l'm afraid and l haven't really felt like blogging at all for a few days
the de-humidifiers and fans are running for 8 hours a day and are so noisy its very wearing plus we are trying to get all the decorating done in the hall stairs and landing for the new carpets
It's going to be weeks before it's all sorted  we're told....uuugh!!

But to finish with a little cheer 
A new hexagon pattern....not sure what it will be yet 
l found and used a few red circle left over from an unfinished past project and added the bobble stitch and a final round so l could 'join as l go'
Pictures and pattern should be ready for tomorrow
Couple of pictures from last birthday present came in very useful at early morning breakfast
very warm and snuggley it was
There was about 15 families that turned up for the weekend and we all had a fabulous time at a wonderful site 
Lake side 
lots of Swans and ducks
and boats...

the camera played up yet again so more fiddling..definitely on my Christmas list!
but we had a great weekend even though the Autumn made an appearance
l'm always happy with a bucket of yarn and a hook...l'll set up camp any where hehehe

Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Hugs to all xx


  1. Lovvvve that new mat!!!Its so vibrant and cheerful!!

  2. The bath mat looks lovely. Shame about the weather on your holiday and from what you say the house is no better, in fact it sounds worse. Keep your chin up gal.

  3. Keep smilimg Suz and if you want to escape at any time you know where we are!! x Jo

  4. Hello, today I found you and your wonderful bathmat. It is great. Will com back soon and lern from you.

    Sigrun from Germany

  5. Fab photos Suz. We have been having fun with the pillow cases you dropped off :-) Shout any time you need a break away from the humming machinery.
    A x

  6. Awwww love it!!! I want one!! Great pics. Oh I wish I had a caravan - oh and a husband that actually liked camping!! x

  7. Och, Suz, sorry about the chaos. It must be getting you down, so. Hope you get some respite from it all soon.
    Love the new bath mat and that`s great that you've passed on your skills to someone else.....but she'll never be as good as you at it!!
    Try and have a good weekend, Suz. x
    ps we`re in for the gale force winds and rain come Monday..eeek!

  8. Dear Suz, I'm still just so sorry about your water leak.. and after ALL that WORK making the new kitchen. Life is just not fair. I love the camping pix and the bathmat progress.... you rock in my book. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)