Friday, 23 September 2011

Say a prayer and send some Love

Just found out that my friend Annie, the Grandmother to two new beautiful twins born this week is in need of some hugs, lots of Love and a prayer or two

The Twin are doing great but their Mum has been taken quite poorly and has been in Intensive care for a while

Annie spotted the signs while on a visit with M and the Twins so she knew what was happening so M got the treatment she needed quickly
Get better soon M

If you have a minute pop over to Annies blog 'A Stitch in Time 'and leave M some love
or a prayer for her speedy recovery
or on Annie's Sister's blog' Twiglet,' who is keeping us all updated right now
l'm sure you wonderful, lovely people will send them as much 
Love as you can

thinking of you all xx


  1. What a beatiful twins! And of course I wil pray for them!


  2. Thanks lots Suz. The positive vibes kept us going yesterday and meant such a lot. I have left a quick update on my blog but will add more once I know anything. x Jo

  3. Of course I will!! I'm going to light up a candle right now!

    Love Judith

  4. J'espère que tout ira bien...pour tous...

  5. Thanks improvement today in M's condition fingers crossed she is all better soon
    Hugs to all xx

  6. Beautiful babies Suz. Thanks for lettingus klnow, positive thoughts are being sent their way.
    Happy Weekend,

  7. Beautiful and sweet babies.
    The Good Lord have complete control on thoses babies.

    Good Bless them

  8. Darling babies.. so scary to have mom in precarious health. I am sure she will get helped and be back soon.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)