Thursday 8 March 2012

HARD WORK AHEAD....wish me luck, I need it

The book and first projects wanted already...

Love to blog and share projects but sorry to say I really am going to have to take a few weeks out, might even be a couple of months....the matter of a Book and one or two projects wanted already

Hope you will all be here when I get back?

I will try to pop in but...
having tried that one over the last few weeks, it's not getting the job done. 
So I think I need to crack the whip and get my act together..don't you?

We booked our Birthday celebration about 6 weeks time so a lot needs to be completed by then
Wish me luck...I really need it

After the excitement of being asked to do the book the fear and self doubt grabbed me by the throat...
and oh! how it can paralyse you

Sending you all love and thanks for all the support, I'll be back
Just not sure when lol
hugs to all x


  1. Hello Sue, you concentrate on the book and we promise to be here when you get back.
    I wish you all the luck with the book and enjoy your vacation.

    Groetjes, Monique

  2. aahhh Sue good luck. We will all be here when you get back. Thinking of you, hugs dee xx

  3. Good luck Sue, you can do it!
    Enjoy your holiday and see you when you are ready.
    Best wishes, Mirjam.

  4. Get that head down and you will do it and I don't doubt you will do a very good job of it too :-)
    Michelle will be returning to work some time soon so I will be here either under a sewing mountain or with a baby in either hand :-) Exciting times ahead for us both. :-)
    A x

  5. You know I know what this is all about. You are making a wise move here my friend. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and not have this whole blog thing be the first thing that comes to mind. My plan is to take as much time as I need. And when and if I come back to do it in a much different manner. Enjoy you a break, after all this time it's well deserved.

    Hugs, Kate

  6. I wish you all the good luck you need. Have fun with your book project. :)

  7. Don't worry about the book. Put it out of your mind and just mess about with some crochet and before you know it there will be a book full of new projects. It is like the problems I have with a blank piece of paper, I much prefer doodling a a back of an envelope - the pressure is off. You do tons of designs all the time, this is no difference. Of course you can do it - in your sleep! They asked the right person to do a book, don't stress out over it, enjoy it. You totally deserve it!

  8. Self doubt shows you have your feet firmly on the ground and 'superbookstardom' will still mean that you are the delightful person you have and will always be. I am really excited for you and can't wait to hear more about the book. Have a fabulous holiday. Lots of hugs N xx

  9. We'll be here when you're ready to give updates!!

  10. Hi Sue! Just read about your break and the book project. I'm sure you'll manage! And don't worry, we'll be here when you get back. Looking forward to seeing the result of all your hard work in a few months time!

    Best wishes, Annemarie

  11. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter and send you good vibes to help with your project. It will be so exciting to see the finished article. x x

  12. Just popped over for some inspiration and to say hope it's all going swimmingly. Dying to see a sneaky peek at what you've been up to but will try and be patient for the exciting reveal.
    Hope you're well, Suz.x

  13. Sue, I miss your inspiration! Please pop in soon :D