Sunday 18 October 2015

CROCHET: Small progress on the 'V' STITCH SCARF

Another pattern completed of 9 colour bands and a few flowers to go o the scarf...not sure how yet though.

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  1. I like them dangling from the ends. I have to cover a visible seam right down the front, or back (depending on how I wear it) on a at striped poncho and am taking a largish UFO of many small flowers joined using the JAYGO technique. I have the fabric draping over one shoulder and held in place with stitch markers. The two sections that were the intended shoulders of this "flower shawl" UFO dangle below the poncho's border and look really cute! It came to me to try the flower fabric for covering the seam, and I found myself enamored with those fee dangling flowers! I love that idea for your scarf! It looks great!