Tuesday 23 February 2016

FANS POST: From fruit bowl to Spinning Top Hex....

of marathon flower Bra fame has started the Spinning Top Hex

Anne in her Fower bra.....crossing the finish line

The Giant Flower Pattern Here
from the Chunky Monkey cal.

Jo Owen made a Circle of life wrap too
another fab version love them all
Being modelled by Sarah Owen Jo's daughter looking wonderful hope she likes it?

Jan Richards has made a fruit bowl from Granny Squares and Shapes
for her best friend Maureen 

Fruit Salad Wave 

 Tracy has made a Fabulous wave in shades of blue 
Tracy said on Facebook....
Tracy Wigglebottom It's slow going with a 3.55mm needle but it looks incredible. I had a crowd round me in the GP's asking all about it last week. I then went into the chemist and the pharmacist came out to see me because she had heard about it from others customers. They wasn't quite sure what I was doing, how had such a small needle produced that blanket. The general though was, that it was beautiful, like underdulating ripples and I must have a lot of patience.

has been making lots of projects from the new book too and keeping them safe in a fabulous new basket
along with the Spinning Top Hex.

A totally random selections of all my small balls of left overs are going into this project...one a day until it's as big as I want it to be...
there is also a square and a Diamond version too,
I picked the hex as my favourite .

I will be doing a book signing and workshop on the 
30th April 2016
Black Sheep Wools 
.....GMC Publications have let me have all the projects from the new Book to show everyone
so pop in and say hello if you are in Warrington that day

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