Sunday 28 May 2017


Not bad progress with the kitchen fit yesterday, one unit we found wasn't big enough, even though the plan said it was correct.....ooops!
So a new unit was ordered and will arrive Thursday, righthand side of the cooker hood, gaining a bit more storage as it was a 300 that needed replacing with a 400. 
Some end panel we decided wouldn't work on the island.... £300 saving there then, fabulous.
All carcasses were made up in 2 days, well done Phil.....still a huge number of unopened boxes thought.
Yesterday Andy fitted almost all units and 2 doors on....what a fabulous piece of equipment he used too a Laser spirit level, it turns corners, does up and down at the same time, amazing thing.
All the wonderful fancy pull down and pull out guts to add today, cant wait. 
All the easy release and soft close doors, door handles are first on the list i think today....these will make the biggest impact i feel.
Gas pipe was moved by the gas fitter so the cooker can be relocated in its new position.
Then Andy can work his magic on the fabulous chunks of wood and we will have a beautiful new wooden worktop and sunken sink and the old tap will be refitted...lots and lots to do.
Then my input and I can get all the stuff that is all over the house at the moment can be put back in the wonderful new cupboards. Then we can make the Island...cant see it all happening today can you?

BUT...the mess every where i cant bleileve, on the stairs, in the lounge and outside too.....let's hope by the end of today it will look at least a lot tidier

wish us luck and i do hope it all looks a lot better by tonight ?


  1. I am not god to english, but i wish you luch with the kitchen.😊😊😊🇩🇰

  2. It will be wonderful when it's finished! Good luck with it all. x Jo

    1. Hi Jo, looks a lot better today than it did a couple of days ago not that much left to complete now Thanks xx

  3. Haha, mugs up the stairs, stuff in the bedroom, exactly what I do! Hope it comes together soon and things can go back in there rightful place. It will be lovely and you won't look back. Can't wait to see more pics! 😊🇦🇺