Friday 27 July 2018


Ever had a go at making a crochet parasol, most circles, hex's or octagons depending on the frame you pick can be used. 

I made a motif in this yarn, fab yarn by the way, as it grew it just said parasol. 

so i bought a child's umbrella to try...

But thought cotton yarn would be a better choice so i started again with cotton dk. 
TIP: use 4ply might take you a bit longer to make but dk is very heavy unless you use a very open lacy stitch.

My first attempt...

got to this stage and ran out of this colour, plus it wasn't big enough to cover the frame, so unpicked the edging and added a few rows of dc, in different colours but think it would look better in the same colour and the plain rows are bit boring. At some point i will unpick the plain dc rows and add some more decorative rows and stitch the piece together...And of course try again in a 4ply as dk cotton it's very very heavy...

this first version is completed but not totally happy with it, so i haven't got around to removing the Umbrella cover and sewing the crochet parasol to the frame, might need a rethink on this design so, no pattern but a few tips shared.


  1. As winter is fast approaching here in Utah, USA am anxious if you've designed a pattern yet. We get more snow than rain until Spring. Also are your crochet terms in UK?

    1. Hi Andi, always i US terms, sometimes in US and UK in brackets x