Saturday 16 February 2008


I really needed to take more exercise. Crochet is such a relaxing hobby, but not so good for the waistline if you do it for many hours a day.
 Walking of any great distance, was really hurting my ankle so cycling or swimming was the next option... 
I dug out my old bike.
 I've not been on it for about 5years and found it needed some attention and was then told it wasn't the right bike for me.....

So I ordered a new bike, at first I went for a favourite colour, pale Ice blue/aqua  but then decided i wanted style not trend, who knows what will be popular in 5years time? 
Lots and lots of very stylish people have black bikes....
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So I changed my mind and decided on black, bought a beautiful chunky looking basket for the front, and decorated it with mini bunting and rose buds for the trendy bit.


Finger wrap of 10 wraps, holding firmly roll off your finger and add
16sc into circle.
ROW 1: Ch4, dc into 3rd chain from the hook, turn. [2dc]
ROW 2: Ch2, counts as first dc, 2dc into next sp, turn. [3dc] 
ROW 3: Ch2 counts as first dc, dc in next sp, 2dc in last sp, [4dc]
ROW 4: Ch2 counts as first dc, dc, in next 2sps, 2dc in last sp, turn, [5dc]
ROW 5- 9: Repeat row 4 with the increase of one st each row
make as many mini bunting as you need to circle your basket, for mine it was 16 to fit around my basket

Join Mini Bunting together
 ch20 [tie], then sc, in every st, of first mini bunting then in every one to the end, ch20, [tie], pull yarn through last st, sew off end
Tie securely around your basket.
Add as many rosebud/leaves as you want 

These are tiny (1.5-2" top to bottom) but really really simple,
 U.S. Terms, 
aran weight,
 5mm hook
dk, 4mm hook, these will be smaller.

Magic loop, so you can pul the centre tight, with no hole at all.
ch3, 8tr, ch3, 8tr, ch3, sl st, into magic circle pull tight leave long ends start and finish to sew to what ever project you want.
A smaller leaf, can be made the same way with dc instead of tr.

 it is equally as simple as the heart leaf.
Aran weight yarn, 
5mm hook.US Terms

Ch15, turn
ROW 1: 2dc into second St from hook.
2dc in every following St.
1dc, 1 sc in last st, pull yarn through, leave a long end.
Thread long end into darning needle or bodkin, 
roll the rosebud gently and sew the base of the Rosebud securely, 
only takes a few stitches.

To make rosebud and leaf pin/decoration.....
Make 2 leaves, leaving long ends tie two leaves together so they over lap a little, sew on a rosebud then add a pin to the back.

 I added the rosebud and leaves as a decoration to a row of mini bunting and secured around a cycle basket.
And got my first compliment... 'what a lovely basket' I was today while out for our second bike ride in 2 days...might have been a mistake to go so far on the second day nearly didn't make it home...

Slipper decoration
 I added this rose bud leaf to my slipper a few years ago too...

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