Tuesday 27 May 2008

IT'S A WET ONE!! and not so warm either

Well as bank holidays go not too bad...sunday the worst day rained almost all day so stayed in bed most of it hehe....but Saturday and Monday lots of gardening done almost all sorted now few pots to plant but tomatoes all in beans morning glory almost all in permanent places different positions so see which do best!! Holly in a new pot gooseberry in bigger pot strawberries moved and a variety of all sorts tidied clipped and re potted....had fun

Trip to the garden center for a shade loving Mexican orange blossom...ooops a barrow full....3 special Aqualigia a new lime green hosta two rockery plants in bloom now and a whole in my purse!!! oh and l managed 100 challenge photos and a 2 new sets of papers!

So all in all been a very good bank hol

Happy Scrapping all x

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