Thursday 8 May 2008


Thanx for another great day was a bit hot in the 'craft room lots done tried stickles out...Thanx Sarah something else l got to have now lol
One of the Cards l made at the Warrington crop with left overs.....dont make many...just needs a happy birthday stamping on the corner maybe?
Almost finished my Dizzy's FLOWERS CJ yesterday just need the paper to cover the album with so.........
Going to get a new printer today want one with individual ink cartridges and Epson seem to be a good well used printer by scrapbookers have found an Epson DX8400 for £59.99 not much more than buying on line and l can pick it up today from Curry's.....found a great on line place for ink cartridges one get one free for £5.98......sounds good to me!

Just need to check out if it will work with Vista!!!

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  1. Hi Suz
    You will be in your element when you get your new printer home....have fun.

    I am being silly at the moment & getting myself in a right tizwas over this wedding! I know that once it is behind me, I will get back to my normal cheery self, quick wit & all :)