Monday 8 September 2008


Photo frame class...made the flowers from my paper lunch plate!

Had been thinking all week l didn't want to go really...but....l can so easily stay home and not go out!!
So decided l must go...firstly 2 of our trip couldn't make it(Hope you feel better soon Jane) and l was a tad late so needed to ring Sarah....with no one to pick up had 20 extra minutes...well my new phone had deleted half my numbers Sarah's being one of them!..bum a recurring nightmare was now reality...aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh NOT A GOOD START

Journey was good although we had to go a diferent way rd works
Crop WAS BRILL and we both won a raffe prize...whoa and some brill ribbons being sold too..yummy...great catch up chat with Julia...brill class..(photo frame..recycled my lunch plate to make the flowers hehehe) all in all a wonderful day
Then the journey home 3hours in a traffic jam on the M6...suprisingly though didn't seem as long as that...good company thanx SARAH and dont ya just love radio 4 on a long journey!!

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