Wednesday 22 December 2010


Anything from 4" to 6" out there and it's snowing again...
Noo Noo is disappearing slowly...and can you spot our car? lol
pretty from here
and we are running out of chocolate biscuits....wellies and a trip to the shop should be fun!
just waiting for the washing machine to felt another doll for idea what will come out
went in as a 21" crochet doll...who knows what will appear
even added a few features...

forgot the nose and ears so after the 1st wash which didn't felt as much as l wanted
l added them and popped it back in the washer on a higher temperature for a longer time
so who knows what it will eventually look like

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
hugs x


  1. Love your crochet dolls. Look forward to seeing how she turns out :-)
    Hope hair cut was successful yesterday and you are all warm and cosy in this snowy wonderland.
    A x

  2. She's looking good. Glad the haircut went well. Wish it would stop snowing now - we have more than enough!

  3. Looking just the same here in Sweden. Cold and lots of snow... but we are packing our bags to go to sunny Egypt over the xmas holidays. Yipee!!

    Wish you a very merry Xmas!!
    Hugs from Sweden

  4. Love the crochet. Its not very popular in the US, most people prefer to knit. Love the snow. My daughter and I visited the UK in August, 2005 and it was 90 degrees. We felt as though we were home in Alabama (southeastern US). Snow flurries have been forecast for us on Christmas day, that is as close as we come to having a white Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas. Linda - USA