Saturday 11 December 2010


Snow flakes for the French doors in the dining room...31 made today 
might need a few more for the effect l want or l might mix them with the holographic ones from last year
printed a couple from Google to start with  then made the rest up cut them out laminated them for strength then rough cut them a second time and l'll sew them together in garland form for the glass doors

they would make great Christmas place mats made in felt or cut out and applied to a red or blue backing for a set of Christmas cushions...running out of time though with only 12 days to go!
HELP only 12 did that happen?

Hugs everyone have a great weekend xx


I just found this on Google.....l was right it looks fabulous as a SNOWFLAKE cushion....
Noodlehead's blog link to the cushion tutorial
pop over and say hi if you get a minute.......
I was thinking l'd make mine in white felt and red fleece....a quantity of which is hanging around in my craft room somewhere!
WOW!...take a look at these too if you love snowflakes...a fabulous
  PAPERCRAFTER  called Arthur Shramko
Such intricate and stunningly  beautiful Snowflakes on Cathe's blog....
JUST SOMETHING I MADE...Click the link and take a peek


  1. OMG, Suz do you ever sleep????? You are so funny, but also very inspirational, will you ever slow down lady?? LOL!!!

  2. Oh, by-gosh-by-golly..... I thought you were serious for a second and talking about the real stuff. These are so cute and much better than the 6 inches predicted in today's WINTER STORM warning. When by Sunday, it's -20c.... brrrrr... Guess are gardens are a thing of the past for 2010.... Always a treat to see what you are up too. Seems to me you must sleep about as much as me... none....


  3. Oh wow! Such cute snowflakes and so many of them! Do you fold the paper and then cut several er holes to make such shapes or do you print them and cut out?

  4. Beautiful snowflakes...your hands must ache cutting out that lot....and thanks for the link to noodlehead, those cushions are a great idea.

  5. You are such a talented and creative lady, I love your blog and cant wait to see your snowflakes up in all their glory :)

  6. Thanks everyone...cut quite a few more this morning before getting up but not sewn them together to hang couple of days when l find the holographic ones from last year to go with them
    Hugs to all xx

  7. Such great great snowflakes! And I love your Christmas trees!

  8. These snowflakes are just amazing and I love the cushions!