Tuesday 25 January 2011


The Ends of yarn throw/cushion grew yesterday but running out of teeny tiny balls of scrap yarn but it has reached 24" diameter and big enough for a cushion

climbed into bed to watch Silent Witness last night......very dramatic can't wait for tonight's episode!

Fell asleep l think.....but not for long,
 woke up with circles of blended yarn running around inside my head so in the end l got up and dived into the bucket of yarn with my trusty 7mm hook to do a couple of experiments with white grey and black base yarns and a rainbow of colours
works for me...
 glad l used the pale grey as a base colour for the cushion/baby blanket though...
l've made quite a few circles this last few days....
circle mania!!!
photographs don't show how pretty this latest cushion/baby throw is really.....
soft subtle and real yummy colours

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone
Hugs xx


  1. Waiting until Wednesday, then will do Silent Witness all in one go on catch up tv! A bit gory but I love it so clever. Loving your work as ever, have a great day. Nicky xx

  2. Wow, what a beautiful colors together!!

  3. Suz! Wonderful work! What will the little circles be?

  4. Such fab colours - I just can't keep up with all you do Suz!!

  5. Hi all ad thanks..had a sleepy day today not picked up a hook at all

    Vera...won't say any more about SW then but you'll be shocked

    Michele...not sure yet going to make them into squares next l think join them and then see what l have....4 furballs in this house so another cushion always goes down well lol
    Hugs all x