Sunday 30 January 2011

Little bit of Holiday shopping....

Going all bright pinks white and a splash of lime and yellow!....
l wonder what this little project could turn into ready for a walk on the beach to watch the sun go down?....
bought some lovely fabrics for a couple of outfits yesterday and they just needed a little something to complete the look, ready for those evenings out.....
only 4.25"/11cm in diameter any guesses? lol

Not buying much for the trip just re-styling and being creative with what l have

Hope you all have a super Sunday
Hugs x

4pm update:
all finished with 4 small flowers sort of like the one print
enjoy your evening all


  1. Love the colours Suz - hope the dressmaking goes well!!

  2. Lovely colours. Methinks it's a bit small for a hat?!

  3. hehe..yep a little purse small bag just enough for the loose change key and a lipstick!
    Finished it at 4 this afternoon
    Dressmaking...all cut out just need to sew it all now
    Hugs all

  4. gorgeous colours suz! Thought of you today I went to a stich and b***h group inIronbridge at Queenies cupcake shop, its free lots of ladies making wonderful things from wool, its on every sunday 11 til 2pm very relaxed and was rather fun, if you fancy it let me know.....have a wondeful week xxx


  5. oohhhhhh! That's sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!