Tuesday 29 May 2012


WOW!Great crossing, fabulous weather, wonderful place, great people...
We had a great weekend at Circle Yer Wagens on the Isle of Man
setting up camp....boys and their toys, Phil bought a camper tent for cooking, storage and a dressing room
Cute hey?

Only down side to the trip was a horrible gale that blew on the Friday afternoon/evening/night and we had to take down the camper tent at midnight and put it back up again Saturday morning
No rain just beautiful hot sunny weather but a gale as well...very strange lol.

We were lucky though no damage some people lost their tents and canopies..nasty wind.

BUT......the Isle of Man was wonderful
Look at the blue skies...all weekend too.

Some beautiful beaches...

and quaint towns..
view from the camper as we woke on the Friday morning at 7.....hazy but oh! so hot

and some lovely new Bamboo yarns from a shop in Ramsey called 
Sweet Ginger  
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Sun is out again today, so off to make myself comfy on the swing with a basket of wool and hook
Perfection hey?
Hugs to all xx


  1. That looks like a very good weekend. What beautiful blue skies too. I love the tent, that's just brilliant. Lesley x

  2. What a lovely spot for a holiday. xoxox

  3. Perfect! It all looks really lovely. x Jo

  4. Oh Suz that is beautiful, so glad you got away espically after all the rain you all have been having..we are now having that rain,a tropical storm hit us friady and is still here in florida, so no sunshine for us..Thanks for sharing your weekend with us,,

  5. those blue skies, and the beach all to yourselves, and what a lovely town it seems. It looks like a perfect holiday.

  6. Oh boy, that VW tent is the bomb! I have got to show that to my son, who has the VW bus. Glad to see you posting.. glad you had a break from all your book writing!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Omg! This van is sooooo pretty :D And that tent is really cool too!

  8. I live in the Isle of Man! I love Peel beach, it's the best beach on the island. Where was those houses? I'd love to know :)

    1. Hi I agree beautiful beach
      The cottages are in Peel too...so cute an picturesque

    2. Houses are in Charles Street, Peel, says Clive who lives in Peel