Tuesday 22 May 2012

Pheeeew! emergency over

No idea what was wrong with my laptop yesterday morning but by evening after a lot of checking out new laptops and finding an old smaller TV for the screen, as the laptop worked just didn't have a screen
Plugged it in to use in the early hours and it worked perfectly, gremlins hey!
Last year we tried to re-train the wisteria to go up and over the front room window and around my craft room.

Not quite in full bloom yet but it has managed to wrap itself around the corner of my craft room but not quite made it over the front room window
Going to be wonderful in another couple of years time don't you think?

Any one out there from the ISLE OF MAN?
We are off to CIRCLE YER WAGONS (click for more info) with Noo Noo this weekend 
looking forward to it, if it stays as sunny as it has been today it will be a fabulous weekend.

hugs to all xx
Another bit of excitement My son just rang to say he had passed all his electricians exams with credits and distinctions...well done James love ya lots xx


  1. Wow Suz. That is stunning.
    A x

  2. Gorgeous wisteria, it smells so heavenly too!

  3. Sue, your flowers are gorgeous and a big congrats o your son. Have a wonderful weekend, you have been so busy you deserve it.

  4. Glad your laptop is sorted! Fab news about James - well done. Your wisteria is stunning. x Jo

  5. I adore wisteria.. you've got a beauty there. Congratulations to your son.. that's a good profession. And think of all the help he could be to you! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)