Saturday 15 September 2012

New front door...and it opens with out the kick feature!

Eventually we managed to save enough for the new Oak front door.
and it just glides open with no more kicking it to get it open lol
bit of a difference from the old one..
Thanks Stewart, you were a dream to have around fitting it.
Oh! and the 3 interior oak doors too, now i can get the wallpaper up in the hallway that has been sitting on the kitchen work top since May.

Went for the retro leaf design in the end..bottom left
I am not putting it every where just going on the stair wall both sides, with may be one of the colours on one wall at the top of the stairs....but still thinking on that one.

Starting to think about Christmas decorations too....sorry but need to start early and plan ahead lol

hugs x


  1. Love the door and the wallpaper!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Now there's a door that makes a statement. I love the style and hardware.