Friday 26 July 2013

Today's project......

Two side tables for the space each side of the swing...made from an old pallet that has been hanging around for a couple of years
One for each side of the swing...and to divide up and start planting the new plants

the one nearest the house is white and purple shades
the one at the bottom of the garden the red yellow and pinks
then when Phil got up we made a couple of tables from an old pallet that has been hanging around the garden for 2yrs.
oh! happy days.


  1. I love it - you're recycling and re-using.. awesome! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. saving money and clearing out the rubbish...make tables of throw it away, I think Phil was pleased i had insisted on keeping the pallet because I wanted to make something with it..we had a fun day.
      But ready for a shower and bed now..all hot and sticky still really hot here.
      hugs x

  2. Hey Sue, Your garden looks lovely end the weather is fine???
    Time to sit en swing in your Garden Bench.
    Here in Holland it's very hot, a little to much ...
    We had our hollyday for two weeks on the island Vlieland end we're enjoy.
    Now we are at home for a view weeks en than we go again to Vlieland.
    Hope the weather is still so sunny end warm.
    Have a fine weekend!
    Greetings Truus.

    1. Hi Thank and heavy at the moment but rain forecast.
      sounds like ou had a good holiday..over the weekend i will try to do a catch up on fellow bloggers
      have fun]
      hugs x

  3. Oh Sue, I love your new corner with colourful plants.
    And the tables looks really nice. Well done, what a good job.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Hi Monique...thanks, its been great out side working for over a week on the garden...looking so much better than before we started...very pleased with it.
      hugs xx

  4. perfect additions to your great outdoors.

  5. Hi Sue,A job well done!!!Love the rustic side tables!!!!Time to sit back and enjoy your hard work!!!Have a happy weekend!!!

  6. What fab tables - you are a talented pair! x Jo

  7. You never know when something can come in useful. It's great to hang onto things if you have the room to do so! Now you have two useful tables either end of your sweet swing nestled in-between your two new flower planters with colourful new plants! Now all you need is sunny summer weather and the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!