Monday 1 July 2013


Just had my 61st Birthday....but I am cancelling them all from now on....
a realisation of less life left than i have had already...

Not a good thought at all, so I don't want reminding again LOL.

The possibilities of only having 15, 20 and if I am very very lucky may be 25 is not a great thought.
But for this birthday I thank all that bought me presents and sent me cards.
huge hugs to you all.
This one from Phil made me howl...thanks Phil you couldn't have bought a more appropriate card lol
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! oh how true that is
My Birthday started at 2 in the morning with said same cat Splodge waking me up....sometimes he lets his devoted servant lie in until 3 or 4 lucky me!

All he ever wants is for me to walk him to the kitchen, because the other psycho cat going by the name of Mr.T might be lying in wait, although at 2 in the morning he is usually fast asleep, his antics don't usually start until oooh! after 4 in the morning.

Anyway we had a leisurely day knowing we eeded to pick James my son up from the airport at 11.15 at night, i though i would try to get a little nap in in the afternnon..HA! the only day of the entire year I couldn't drop off for half an hour wasn't it?

We had decided to have a late supper at Ikea and a browse too, we've not been for over a year so there must be something new to see, not buy I might add, but hey who can go to Ikea and not buy something|?
and some new curtains to replace the psycho cats damaged kitchen curtains
he dives at them and gives them a good kicking....result badly pulled threads
these picture don't do his handy work any justice at all they are beyond hope I am afraid.
a few small icecream/fruit bowls....all I have are mixing bowl size big enough to take a whole tub of ice
Thinking why don't we go to the cinema too also close to Ikea and on the way.
So what happens? guessed it I fall asleep in the cinema don't I and miss some of the film....gggrrrrrr!
eventually at the airport far too early we had to find some where to park up for half an hour
James had a fabulous time in Barcelona visiting his friend and family..his second home they say and want him to go back in a months time!..lucky James.
Thanks James for the lovely sandles you brought me back..
black this time, I have the red ones on today..
I now have three colours of these wonderful soft and comfortable shoes to wear hugs xx

We eventually got home just before 2 in the morning the trafffic was so bad on the motor way at Midnight!!!!!!!!!!!.
So I pretty well I saw all 24 hours of my birthday this year! lol
next year I am staying in bed and ignoring it completely hehe
Thanks again hugs xx


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday. Mine is in two days, maybe I will cancel that one too.

    1. Thanks and happy birthday for two days time lol
      hugs x

  2. Hi Sue,Happy,Happy B/Day!!!I also stopped loving my B/Day about 5 years ago!!!Funny thing though,more people seem to remember it now than 30 years ago!!!!Have a great day!!

    1. Thanks....Now that sounds about right lol

  3. Happy Birthday, glad you had a busy fun day :) Flowers look beautiful.
    Sally x

  4. Happy Birthday to you!! how wonderful to be celebrating 61 years of fantastic living!! I hope you get many more miles of out this life!! mine is in about 3 weeks and I can't wait to celebrate!!

  5. Gorgeous birthday flowers and comfy slippers for your birthday. What a lucky girl and a new crochet hook to send the sparks flying. Perfect!

    1. hot the 5mm is right now lol
      Hugs x

  6. Happy Birthday! what beautiful gifts, I tried to cancel my 60th last November but somehow it didn't work haha

  7. Belated happy birthday - you are catching me up!! x Jo

  8. Happy,Happy Birthday to you Sue. Sounds like a busy day!I think you may well go on forever so don't worry about it so much. I love my Clover crochet hook though I haven't had much chance to use it lately. Your Phil is so thoughtful. Have a great week, Birthday Girl. x

    1. thanks...oh! wouldn't that be great so long as i keep my health lol
      He is a real gem....always thoughtful
      hugs x

  9. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you! Pretty shoes and lucky son!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Thanks Teresa....they wanted him to go back in July and in August...very lucky...he will only anageone more trip this summer I think though.
    Hugs x