Saturday 29 August 2015

CROCHET: Tapestry Stitch and it's variations..

On holiday cat/house limited yarn and colours....experimenting with Tapestry stitch tried all the variations, some I loved some I hated...decided the dc{tr} version  is my favourite, it's easy to change colour, easy to count the stitches and grows quickly.

first dc [tr] circle experiment: colour change and increase in stitches...

then came the straight side...little bit easier just a colour change

then to a second piece in cotton and colours..

 into the back of the stitch?...

 small piece in sc [dc]..not for me
other experiment in between but i tried all the variations and decided i love the dc [tr] version the best

 then came the tapestry stitch flowers..


  1. Love your post, but you may want to spell check as count is spelt with an "O" ;)

    1. oooops! predictive text..thank you so much xx