Friday 6 October 2017


Have always loved the Anemone of my favourite flowers. 
Over the years i have created one or two versions using the black centre white ring and shades of purple for the petals.
This one i originally designed in 2012, this update is the pattern recreated in cottons.

An old pattern from 2012 remade in cotton with a box border added

A double Anemone in the box below

The old picture slightly dark and made in wool/mix. 
I've remade and doing the new pattern in Cottons

Anemone Pattern
Black for centres white band, and several shades of purples Cotton DK.
4mm hook
UK Terms in red

Magic circle in black or a very dark purple work too or even navy blue.

Round 1: continue in black, ch2 counts as first dc, [tr), 11dc [11tr] into circle sl st, to complete 
(12dc, [12r])

Round 2: Attach white in any st, 2sc (2dc) in every st, sl st to complete 
(24sc [24dc])

Round 3: attach purple shade in any st, 5dc (5tr) in next st, sl st into next 2sts, 5dc, (5tr) into next st repeat to end finish with a last sl st, cut and weave in end to complete. (8 petals)

Stop here and this flower can be used as decoration on lots of projects, add a pin and it can be worn as a courage flower or a hat pin.

but to make a box that can be joined together as a wrap throw or cover continue with the box pattern.

Round 4: Attach soft green shade in the middle (3rd dc [tr] in the shell of 5dc [5tr])
ch4, sc [dc], into 3rd dc [tr) on next petal, ch7, sc [dc], into 3rd dc [tr] of next petal, repeat for next 3 sides, sl st into first st, do not cut off but continue....

Round 5: continue in the soft green, 5sc [5dc], into first ch4 sp, 5sc [5dc], ch3 5sc [5dc], into next ch7 sp, repeat for all sides, (15sc [15dc] each side), sl st into first st, do not cut off continue...

Round 6: ch3, counts as first dc [tr] and ch1 sp, miss next st, dc [tr] in next st, ch1, miss next st, repeat to end of first side, 1dc [1tr], ch3, 1dc [1tr], in the ch3 corner sp, miss first st of next side, 1dc [1tr], into next st, ch1 miss a st, repeat to end of 2nd side, 1dc [1tr], 3ch, 1dc [1tr], in the next corner sp, miss next st, repeat sides and corners to end, sl st into first st, continue....

Round 7: ch1 counts as first sc [dc], sc [dc], in next ch1 sp, sc [dc], in next st (top of dc [tr]), continue to do a sc [dc], in every ch1 sp and every st, with 1sc [1dc], ch3, 1sc [1dc], in every corner sp, sl st to complete. Cut off and weave in end. (19sc [19dc] each side)

Make as many as your project requires and sew the squares together from the back with matching soft green yarn os crochet as you go in every stitch 

its a very simple but effective pattern that can be used in several ways...
A Wreath...
just needs some greenery to be added 

For this particular design i've joined the Anemone's together using a soft sage green, a colour that always gives a vintage sort of feel.....

I set out to make a bag, but on route a cowl was created first. 
Made with 12 of the Anemone Granny Squares

if I was leaving it as a cowl I would add a simple hdc, edging stitch just to finish it off.

But continuing on, as i want a new bag....running out of the sage green as all 18 Anemone squares were completed, what to do about the handle?
My son suggested a black top band and handle, great idea and practical too the bit that get grubby the quickest too...then i ran out of black would you believe it!

I'm over the moon with my new shopper but the strap is a little narrower than it will eventually be, only another couple of rows needed and not a scrap of 
Black DK Cotton in the place!

make 18squares and for this pattern i used join as you go for strength.

YARN: As I was using odd balls up i can't be absolutely sure of each yarn but
Total weight of the bag is 190g in Cotton DK

 7 Anemone shades 2-3g for each flower.
white small quantities less than a gram.
 1 x 100g Ball of Black. 
 3 x 50g Balla of Soft green (but they weren't full balls)

4mm hook

ROUNDS 1-6: 21sc (21dc), for each square making a total of 126sc (126dc) in the round.
ROUNDS 7: Continue with the round, 4 sts before the middle square ch50, (make this longer if you want a longer handle) then 4sts after the middle square sc into the 5th st, continue to sc until you reach 4sts before the second middle square on the other side of the bag, and repeat ch50, sc 4sts after the middle square, continue to sc, sl st to complete round,
ROUND 8: sc in every st, including the ch 50 of both handles,
ROUND 9-10: sc in every st, sl st to complete.

NOTE: Lengthen the handle by add in more chain stitches, and widen the strap by adding more rows.


  1. I love the anemone pattern and have used it several times. The flowers look lovely on the green squares to make a shopping back and the scarf is great!

    1. Hi Sandra, me too love the purples nd sage green together a favourite combo xxx

  2. Beautiful and thank you for the pattern, I love it.

  3. Would like to do your red cowl in the interweave block pattern. Can you tell me how to print it?