Monday 1 December 2008


didn't notice when l took it but Dy has a star over her head...A REAL STAR she is lol

santa insisted...hehehehe

Studio full of inspiration..l'll be back but l have decided to take the next couple of l can get my ART FROM THE HEART FIX...exciting

THANX THANX THANX THANX THANX THANX.....l've had a wonderful wkend with Dyan and friends....managed to go straight to the area Hornbeam but had to phone to find the studio and really got lost finding my BB (The Sherwood BB was brill) l know Harrogate intimately hehehehe

Started off with a christmas tree book and moved on the technics mirror (got to do a techniques weekend) Dy's products love her hero love her work

Then we did a christmas album a tin a jgsaw ATC and lots of techinques included so much info The studio is brill huge space filled with stunning work...a feast of information inspiration A TRUE TREASURE

Santa was very generous and l arrived home with lots of goodies to play with (that l know how to use aswell) and a small blue machine that l know will get lots and lots of crop use l'm sure..bit of a treat but it was on offer so santa insisted l had

The journey home should have been about 3hours...went great no probs on time sailed thought Leeds M62 no probs then l got onto the M6 junction 21 AND SPENT THE NEXT 2.30 Hrs getting to the next junction....ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr then off at junction 21 and well l wont bore you with my tour of every town in the area trying to find my way home....arrived about 11.30 and fell into bed after doing a 7.30hr journey...remind me never to go on the M6 again!!!