Tuesday, 30 December 2008

ZENTANGLES..I'm hooked!!

Started a box of zentangle doodle fillers
Today lies in practice. My life is a work of art in progress and my purpose is worthy of appreciation, attention, and effort.

oooh didn't post yesterday!...not sure how that happened....did a lot of Zentangle research lots of peeps doing variatons on a theme with them.....had thought about doing a set of my own fill in doodles found one of my favourite Art journallers had beaten me too it lol

Also found the 'DARLING' perfume box is exactly the right size to take the cut tiles being 3.75"square...perfect thanx Kylie


  1. This looks really interesting must have taken ages.

  2. oh Val....your back great to hear from you and no they are supposed to take 15 mins to do one zentangle...mine took me a bt longer but great fun to do