Wednesday, 24 December 2008


The latest addition...he/she has been slowly taking up residence...oh not another cat!!! lol
no idea where he/she comes from collar with a bell so belongs to someone but Lettuce obviously not happy
Becoming less nervous about being a stranger in our family.......have managed to scratch his/her head and he/she doesn't run off now when caught finishing off the boys food or sleeping on the sofa in the kitchen
Love your white whiskers...sooo cute and although nervous does seem to be very friendly

decided on one large bed for the boys as they usually sleep together anyway..not sure what to make Mr T

All of the SS it thanx Vicky lol

Mandarin trifle, Nigella's chocolate mousse and some short bread to make today aswell as turning the 'craft room' into a dining room for Christmas day and decorate it

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