Sunday 26 July 2009


But it won't be big enough once its washed...poor brupbrup hehe
l'll make one for you next
Having a move around yesterday book shelves etc. decided l've just got to let my paperbacks go....trip to the charity shop tomorrow with 3 bag fulls

3 book shelves empty.....ready to fill with other goodies


  1. hi suz

    Awww looks sooo comfy in there!!

    My shed is 10ft x 6ft we only have small garden so have had to compromise with the size. although I have got two desks, a set of drawers and lots of hidey holes to cram stuff into.......I had extra windows put in as the standerd model only had the two( one of the ones opens which i am so glad i did)hope this helps feel free to ask away. Its the best thing I have done as its all out of the house and I can leave it in a mess as only my eyes see it!!!

    hope this helps


  2. hehehe he was and thats twice he's climbed in while l was trying to do more of

    Thanks for the shed info....mmm l've been organised but my though exactly all the mess in the shed out of sight no packing up at the end of the day