Saturday 25 July 2009

Househunt over.....

Not blogged for a week or more been house hunting but its come to an end l think

Decided to get the drive and garage we want was going to cost far too much so going to manage with the car parking yet no one is complaining about the 2 cars and one Noo Noo and anyway thinking l'll sell my MX5 and a couple of big sheds at the bottom of the garden to give us both a work space to play with
12x12 for Phil and a smaller one for me

Enjoyed the house the lottery and we can move or move to my Mum and Dads house if the tenant moves out any time....till then shed city it's going to be


  1. Hi Suz

    Got my shed from shed city.....I love it!!! We had the same dilemma we tried to move but with the current climate we couldent sell so I choose a shed and its been money well spent!! Good luck choosing which one to go for.....I was in there for ages lol

    take care


  2. Hi Kaz....hehe as much fun looking for a shed as house looking hey!
    I can manage in fact the whole house is full of my craft stuff but all in neat storage boxes and you wouldn't know really and l do have a small space in a room upstairs not quite a bedroom but a space but usually work in the's Phil that needs the work shop space really just thought it would be nice to have a his and hers this space next couple of months will see changes
    Suz xx

  3. ooops and l meant to say what a lovely shed it is too...l love them hehe
    Ever looked at 'l love my shed' site?