Friday 31 July 2009


First time l did granny squares was probably 40yrs ago but couldn't resist a granny square playtime last night using the cluster stitch so it looks like a flower in a square
Love the mathematical side to crochet squares and circles...made the 1st one with 11 dc and clusters of 3DC to make 11 'petals'....bit sunflower looking but that gave too many petals to divide up the sides equally...wanted a square not a l needed one more to make 12 or less making 8 opted for 8
Don't you find these repeated squares therapeutic and satisfying ?


  1. Hello Sue!
    Thank you for 'following' my blog, which has led me to yours and I am so pleased too, because your blog is full of colour and life energy - I love it! Your description of yourself made me laugh out loud - so appropriate and affirming!
    I shall be back again for other visits, having now clicked to follow too.
    Have a super weekend

  2. Hi D...thanks for the add too...left you a message about 'Ruby'?
    Weekend! much fun stuff to do l don't know waht to do 1st hehe
    Hope yours is wonderful too