Wednesday 29 June 2016


Last couple of days the TV have been promoting the next series of Love Child on British TV, one of the actresses was wearing a fab waistcoat so i've tried to recreate the Granny Square. 

I't's very similar to something I have done before. But this motif is more angular in a box and in just cream and navy and i'm guessing in 4 ply certainly not DK.

Not quite there yet i think, so one more sample before i'm happy with it I think

Made my version in 4ply Merino and a 3.5 hook looks about the same size

The Actress Sophie Hensser is wearing to watch this series, if only for the crochet, the series covers a time period fro the 50 to the 60's and 70's so just when crochet was last REALLY popular 


  1. Hello Sue,

    Wow, I think you got it! :) What a stunning design, yet not a difficult motif as such!

    I love how she wears it, those colours look fantastic together!

    I'm all for bringing back a new wave of crochet fashion, now more than ever!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ingrid xx

  2. Love this! Are you willing to share pattern?

    1. Probably one day just no time at the moment sorry x