Sunday 12 June 2016

Colour yarn and fun experimenting..

When no one is home except me and Mr T..... I can spread, fall asleep and wake up with it still all around me. 

I'm afraid my bad back and all the rain, i came home at night and didn't camp this weekend, Phil is hardier than me and did stop to party, rain or no rain.

But I had my own fun, in the evening.....colour, colour and more colour

A weekends playtime

 change the proportions and change the look of a motif completely

 The two above, on the left inspired by a couple of the squares in this pick and mix collage of my sample motifs/granny squares from January 2012...inspired but constructed a totally different way!
One of the things i Love about Crochet..always several ways to get a similar looking motif and that there are thousands of colour combinations to make each and every one...creating a project to call your own

 a colour combination you love, a favourite motif/granny square all you need next is time, the magic ingredient!

 change the proportions to change the look of your square

 add in extra stitches like spike (long stitch) or bobbles and popcorn for texture add a stitch, take away a stitch and replace it with an alternative..... 

Whatever you try, have fun doing it, crochet is one of the best hobbies ever....and keep adding to that stash.


  1. Hi Sue,

    Always lovely to see your colourful crochet! :)

    Ingrid xx

  2. I am SO enjoying reading your posts on colour, for me a fairly new crocheter they are so helpful, and, you are giving me the confidence to have a go and choose colour schemes. Thank you xx

    1. Hi Irene, its a subject I adore, and so please it is helping you. xx